Finding The Strongest Cannabinoids: THCP + THCA

Finding The Strongest Cannabinoids: THCP + THCA

Finding The Strongest Cannabinoids: THCP + THCA Blog Cover

In the search for the strongest cannabinoids, two stick out the most - THCP and THCA. However, before you purchase THCA or THCP products, you should read up on these powerful cannabinoids. This guide will teach you how to shop for Delta products that you hit hard.

What Does Strong THC Mean?

If you’ve been keeping up with the world of hemp, you’d know how many products are claiming to be “the strongest.” However, have you ever stopped to ask yourself what does that mean? THC, in general, can be strong, but how much your body absorbs determines its potency.

The Absorption Rate of Cannabinoids

Products with THCP in them, like our THCP disposables, are said to be 33 times stronger than Delta 9 THC, but does that mean that you’ll be 33 times more lit? Of course not! All THCP products are mixed with other cannabinoids to be enjoyable.

33 times stronger means that your body can absorb 33 times more THC. The more THC your body absorbs, the stronger the experience will be. Therefore, if your body can retain more THC compared to other cannabinoids, the experience is intense.

Why Some Cannabinoids Are Stronger

Certain cannabinoids are built differently, causing them to bind to your receptors more than others. The reason why this happens is found in their chemical composition. Normally, cannabinoids like Delta 8, Delta 9, etc., have a double bond on the carbon chain in a certain numbered location.

Cannabinoids like THCP have a longer alkyl chain, translating into absorption or potency. In other words, the longer the side chain is, the more potent the cannabinoid is. THCP has a 7 alky chain while Delta 9 has a 5 alky chain. It doesn’t seem that significant, but it is about 33 times more significant.

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Why THCA Is So Unique

Unlike THCP, which is very strong, THCA can also be very strong, but only after it goes through a process known as decarboxylation. Before going through decarboxylation, it’s not potent at all. It has 0 potency.

THCA Decarboxylation Process

The process known as decarboxylation is when you take a product like Runtz THCA Pre-Rolls and spark it up with a lighter. What then happens is the THCA becomes activated, and it converts THCA into THC.

What’s great about the process is that you’re getting fresh THC, activated immediately, vs. a product oxidizing on the shelf. Therefore, because the THC is fresh, it will be much more enjoyable and potent when compared to a different product that may have lost its potency while sitting on the shelf.

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The Strongest Juicy Kush Hemp Product

The reality is that all of our products have great qualities, and we carry a little something for everyone who’s looking to get the most out of Hemp. However, if you’re looking for some of our most potent products, it would have to be the following:

THCP Gummies

The absorption rate is higher when you consume an edible because it’s absorbed through your liver instead of your lungs. Since THCP naturally is a strong cannabinoid, the THCP gummies are one of our strongest products.

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THCA Disposables

Another heavy hitter is our THCA Disposables because, as mentioned earlier, it gets converted into THC immediately. It did not have time to be oxidized, and it was a concentrate. Although we love flower, and it’s the O.G. way to use THC, a disposable is straight THC and terpenes, so it tends to hit stronger.

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A Breakdown Of The Strongest Cannabinoids

THCP Cannabinoid

  • 33 Times Stronger
  • 7-Alky Chain
  • THCP Gummies is the strongest Juicy Kush product

THCA Cannabinoid

  • 0 Potency unless activated
  • Decarboxylation converts THCA into THC
  • Fresher and potent


Every product on our website caters to different needs, but if you’re looking for potency, you may want to check out THCP and THCA products. Chemically speaking, the science is there, but our most popular product currently is THCA because it’s fresh and hits differently.