Everything to Know About THC-A

Everything to Know About THC-A

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Right now, we know of dozens upon dozens of cannabinoids within the cannabis plant, some of them being much more abundant than others. The less abundant compounds, called minor cannabinoids, can sometimes fall to the wayside because they’re only present in trace amounts. However, this doesn’t mean that these cannabinoids don’t have incredible properties on their own.

One of these minor cannabinoids, THC-A, has been quickly gaining popularity over the past few years for its unique characteristics and potential applications. But, not many people know about THC-A or what it does, especially how it differs from its offspring, THC. Here’s everything you need to know about THC-A — and how you can best enjoy it, too.

What is THC-A? (And How Does it Work?)

First things first, what is THC-A?

Even though THCA is a minor cannabinoid, this compound has distinct, novel effects and plays a huge role in the cannabis plant as a whole.

Essentially, THC-A is short for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid and is the acidic form of THC. As the THC-A compound breaks down, it turns into THC; so, without THCA, you wouldn’t have the psychoactivity levels in the cannabis plant that you have today.

Even though THC-A turns into THC after being heated, THC-A is actually a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. This has to do with the compound’s chemical structure and its inability to bind to the receptors in the brain.

In other words, if you consume raw THC-A (or THC-A that hasn’t been heated), then you’re not going to get high or experience any intoxicating effects. Instead, the compound works to produce distinct supportive effects that consumers of all types can benefit from.  

The Effects & Applications of the THC-A Cannabinoid

It’s important to note that there’s still a lot that we have to learn about the THC-A cannabinoid and how it works specifically within the body. However, based on what we know according to its structure and a handful of clinical trials, it appears as though THC-A does have noticeable therapeutic potential.

In general, studies have found that THC-A may hold potential applications for certain neurological disorders, and it could be beneficial for complications like IBS. In fact, professionals have looked into the potential application of this compound for inflammation and inflammatory complications, especially considering THC’s ability to assist in these areas. When consumed, people may report feeling more relaxed and comfortable overall, but, this will depend on the consumer themselves.

It’s crucial to note that cannabinoids like THC-A are going to work differently for every person, as it depends on your body and what your system requires.

As a whole, more evidence is needed here to pull concrete conclusions about THC-A’s potential. What is important, though, is that consumers often report feeling beneficial effects from this compound, all while avoiding psychoactive effects.

Is THC-A Legal?

Under federal law, THC-A is legal in the United States. The 2018 Farm Bill states that products derived from hemp that contain 0.3% THC or less are legal at the federal level. Thus, as long as THC-A products follow these guidelines, they’re legal federally in the US.

Because of this, you can buy THC-A products all across and country and enjoy them in the comfort and safety of your home.

However, over the past few years, certain states have begun regulating hemp-derived THC variants, and this would include THC-A. Thus, this cannabinoid may be illegal in certain areas. Make sure to check the cannabinoid regulations in the city and state that you live in to ensure that THC-A is legal for you to purchase and enjoy.

THC vs. THC-A: What are the Differences?

THC may come from THC-A, but these cannabinoids couldn’t be more different. It’s essential to understand the differences between THC and THCA to help you determine which compound is ideal for your wellness routine.

The biggest difference between these compounds is the psychoactivity levels. THC-A may not be psychoactive, but THC is well-known for getting consumers high. THC offers strong doses of euphoria and intoxication, which is enjoyable for some. However, not everyone wants to experience these effects, and that’s where THC-A comes in. This compound offers a lot of the great supportive effects of THC but without the high.

Another strict difference between THC and THCA comes down to legality. THCA may be legal on a federal level, but THC certainly isn’t. THC is considered a controlled substance, and products with the cannabinoid are only permitted in states that have legalized medical or recreational cannabis. Otherwise, products cannot have more than 0.3% THC in them, or they’re breaking federal law.

It’s also worth noting that THC-A is present in much smaller amounts than THC. Thus, cultivators have to be careful when breeding to create strains with higher THC-A amounts, if desired.

The Best Ways to Enjoy THC-A

THC-A may not be as well-known as THC, but the products are just as abundant — and the cannabinoid is just as versatile. Basically, you can enjoy THC-A in practically any way you like best.

On the market today, you can find high-quality THC-A products like gummies, tinctures, and topicals. You can also purchase THC-A flower and concentrates; however, it’s crucial to remember that the cannabinoid won’t get you high until it’s been heated.

So, if you heat your THC-A hot enough, it’s going to turn into THC and produce psychoactive results. If you don’t mind these results, then products like concentrates and flower are good options. But, if you’re avoiding psychoactivity, stick to the raw form of THC-A and try products like THC-A gummies, THC-A oil, or a soothing THC-A salve, instead.

Getting the Most Out of Your THC-A

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