Rainbow Runtz Vape 1g
Rainbow Runtz Vape 1g

Rainbow Runtz Vape 1g

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**Produces psychoactive effects. Follow dosing instructions. You must be 21+ to purchase this product**

When it is time to relax and drift off to sleep, treat yourself to our delicious Rainbow Runtz 1 Gram Vape Pen! Our popular Indica strain is ideal for nighttime use and can help leave your mind and body completely at ease. We use the most premium lab-tested, hemp-derived THC-A and Delta-8 Live Resin combined with one of the top ranked indica strains on the market, Rainbow Runtz, to create a tailored psychotropic feeling to help you relax, recover, and rest!


  • 1-Gram Per Disposable
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Potent Blend of THC-A Liquid Diamonds and Delta-8 Live Resin
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant
  • COA here!

Everything To Know About THC-A

One of these minor cannabinoids, THC-A, has been quickly gaining popularity over the past few years for its unique characteristics and potential applications. But, not many people know about THC-A or what it does, especially how it differs from its offspring, THC. Here’s everything you need to know about THC-A — and how you can best enjoy it, too.