Why CBD Quality and Purity Matters

Why CBD Quality and Purity Matters

In a world where cannabidiol (CBD) products are seemingly everywhere, consumers can have a tough and overwhelming decision ahead of them in terms of which products to choose. It seems as though a new CBD manufacturer is popping up every day, giving consumers far too many choices. 

Much like any other consumer product, CBD manufacturers owe it to their consumers to build a sound reputation and to establish a level of trust. And that's why many CBD businesses take great measures to show consumers just why it’s important to find a trusted source for oil. Below we share some of the reasons why the quality and purity of your CBD products matters in manufacturing.

Farm-to-Bottle CBD Products

When it comes to quality and purity, many CBD companies will source their hemp-based CBD directly from small hemp farms in the northeast who are dedicated to growing organic crops. Many CBD oil manufacturers don't even know the farmer who grows the hemp plants used to make their CBD oil products. This creates a disconnect that can impede the quality of the product. Oftentimes, manufacturers may be unaware of exactly how their CBD is extracted and what other processes may have been involved.

Instead, many companies will work directly with local farmers to create true farm-to-bottle CBD oil with only the purest ingredients. They know exactly what goes into each bottle that they sell and are confident in our products as a result. A quality CBD company will not only strive to provide quality products that are organic and contain the best ingredients, but are also dedicated to leaving a positive imprint on their surrounding community and the planet as a whole. That's why many have devoted their efforts in partnering with local farmers who practice sound harvesting techniques and sustainability. This offers CBD consumers the maximum benefit from consuming high-quality products while farmers are economically supported through these partnerships.

Full-Spectrum Crude Oil

Some product lines include only broad spectrum CBD products or a mixture (full spectrum, CBD isolate, broad spectrum) while others solely contain full-spectrum CBD — which is said to provide the advantage of all the healthy and beneficial compounds in the hemp plant. In addition to CBD, all other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential oils from the hemp plant are included in the extraction process, allowing each compound to feed off each other to create a more enhanced effect when consumed. 

Rather than just exposing the hemp plant to rigorous extraction processes to end up with CBD alone, its preferred by many I the burgeoning industry to use all compounds of the hemp plant so that they can work synergistically together to create a more powerful effect than just pure CBD distillates may provide. This is referred to as the "entourage effect," and it occurs when all compounds of the hemp plants work in harmony to enhance the effects of each other compared to the effects they may have on their own. 

This is often believed to be the most superior form of CBD, and while we know how powerful CBD is on its own, its potential powers can really be unleashed when in the presence of other hemp compounds in a full-spectrum CBD oil.

Thoroughly Tested by Independent Third-Party Labs

Each product should come with a comprehensive lab report from an independent third-party laboratory. The reason why this is important is because it provides consumers with everything they need to know about a product. Third-party labs test for purity, potency, and contaminants, and provide in-depth reports that ensure you are getting the best product possible. 

While some manufacturers may have their own in-house testing facilities, we believe it's important to team up with an outside lab that is completely unbiased. This makes for more transparency. The tests conducted by our third-party lab partners are thorough and show exactly how pure and potent our products are. 

With so many CBD companies popping up weekly, if not daily, we understand how challenging it can be to find quality CBD products for consumers, but a little research can go a long way in helping you make a more informed purchasing decision. 

Seek Out the Best CBD Today

It’s important to find a CBD company that doesn’t prioritize churning out product after product in an effort to pad their bottom line. Instead, they must be passionate about their products and really believe in what quality CBD products can do to improve your health and enhance your level of wellness.

As we mentioned, it’s important that you do your research and learn about factors to consider when buying CBD, and also read company reviews as well as seek out CBD products thoroughly tested by third-party labs and derived from healthy, organic hemp. Enhance your health and wellbeing today by incorporating a CBD into your regimen.