What’s the Right Dosage of Delta-8 THC?

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Finding the right dosage for your hemp products can be hard. Hemp products don’t act or look the way that typical supplements do, giving us no clue how much we should consume. When it comes to cannabinoids like delta-8 THC, you want to be extra careful about finding an adequate dosage, as too much may cause a bit of an uncomfortable experience. So, that leads us to the question: what’s the right dosage of delta-8 THC?

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Delta-8 THC

Real quick, let’s provide some insight into what the delta-8 THC cannabinoid is like and why dosing this substance is so important. 

Delta-8 THC is a degraded variation of the delta-9 THC cannabinoid. Essentially, D8 looks quite similar in structure to your regular ol’ THC cannabinoid. Although, they have one minor difference: their double-bond location is on different atoms. Essentially, this means that both delta-8 and delta-9 have the ability to get you high. However, delta-8 THC doesn’t bind nearly as strongly to the CB1 receptors in the brain, making it significantly less psychoactive than delta-9. Check out our blog post about the differences between Delta-8 and Delta-9 if you want learn more.

Even though it’s only mildly psychoactive, the cannabinoid’s true redeeming qualities come from its therapeutic value. Delta-8 THC is said to work wonderfully throughout the body, providing exceptional support to those who consume it. So, not only do you experience waves of bliss, but your mind and body feel a lot better, too. 

What’s the Right Dosage of Delta-8 THC for Me?

Because delta-8 THC does have psychoactive capabilities, you have to be extra cautious about doses. As much as we’d love to say that there’s a universal “perfect” dose of delta-8 THC, this simply isn’t the case. However, there are a few ways you better understand what starting dose of D8 may be best for you. 

Factoring in Tolerance Levels

First, you always want to factor in your previous cannabis tolerance levels. Are you someone who has enjoyed CBD products in the past? What about THC? 

Suppose you’re not new to the world of THC. Then, you’ll likely have to start with a higher dose of D8 than others. Previous cannabis consumption directly impacts tolerance levels, and tolerance levels will make it so that specific amounts of delta-8 just aren’t strong enough to produce the effects you need.

On the flip side, if you’ve never tried THC before, or even CBD, then it’s best to start with extremely low doses. This is because you simply don’t know how your body reacts to cannabinoids. Though most people have positive experiences, every person is unique; it’s better to be safe than sorry and begin at a dose of around 5-10 mg. If you can find an even lower amount, go ahead and start there. Then, wait at least an hour to two to see how this affects you. 

If you find that these doses aren’t strong enough, you know that you can try a little more next time. However, we wouldn’t recommend moving up in intervals any more significant than 2.5-5 mg.

Biological Factors

Alongside your previous tolerance levels, you must consider some biological factors when finding your perfect delta-8 dose. Different body types, statures, and weights will influence how these cannabinoids function in the body, purely because they have to navigate differently. For example, someone with a generally higher average body weight will likely have to consume a higher first dose of delta-8 to get the effects they want than someone who is underweight. 

You also want to consider your body chemistry and history with substances. Typically, do you find yourself having to consume more potent doses to get adequate benefits? Or, are you someone who is more considered a “light-weight”? These answers will directly influence how much D8 is best for you. 

Finally, factor in the medicinal reasons you’re taking delta-8 THC. Are you hoping for full-body relief from chronic pain? If so, then you’ll likely need a bit of a stronger dose than someone just looking for a bit of relaxation. Take into consideration how much relief you require, as well as the method of consumption. D8 edibles such as gummiesD8 oils, or disposable vapes will have vastly different results in the body. 

Everybody’s Different!

At the end of the day, you have to remember that everybody’s different. After all, we don’t all take the same amounts of medication to feel relief, just like we don’t all drink the same amount of alcohol to feel buzzed. This all depends on our personal habits, our lifestyles, and even our biological factors. But, the most important thing we’ve learned about delta-8 THC doses comes next. 

Starting Low and Slow

No matter what, the best way to find your ideal dosage of delta-8 THC is to start low and slow. Even though this may take some patience, it’s the best way to guarantee a comfortable, efficacious experience. 

Try starting with the lowest delta-8 THC dose you can find. Typically this will be between 2.5-5 mg., but some may be slightly higher. Beginning with an amount this low helps the body get introduced to the cannabinoid and allows time for adjustment. If you consume more than your body is okay with, it will react negatively — anxiety, fatigue, and increased heart rates are all possible. However, this is easily mitigated when you take your time with doses, start low, and slowly move up as your body lets you know it’s comfortable. 

Finding Your Perfect Dosage With Juicy Kush Delta-8 Products (Coming Soon!)

At TerVita CBD, we always want to help you find the right dose for you — whether it’s CBD, delta-8 THC, or something else hemp-related. We understand that the hemp industry can sometimes feel overwhelming, and discovering the right amount of cannabinoids may be tricky. But that’s why we’re here to walk you through the process, helping you fully understand the best way to dive right in. 

With delta-8 THC, always remember to start low and slow, be patient, and listen to your body. When you do this, finding your perfect Delta 8 dosage will come naturally.