What are Delta-8 THC Gummies?

What are Delta-8 THC Gummies?

In the world of cannabis, new products pop up on the market every day. These new products are incredibly exciting, but it can also be tough to stay on top of it all. Recently, the cannabis market has started talking a lot about delta-8 THC and the products that contain it. Specifically, D-8 gummies are taking the market by storm. But, what are delta-8 THC gummies in the first place?

If you’ve never heard of D8 or D8 gummies, that’s okay! Juicy Kush is here to explain it all. From what delta-8 gummies are to why people love them, we’re talking in-depth about these infused candies. Let’s get started.

Understanding Delta-8 THC

Before we dive into the details behind D8 gummies, let’s have a quick chat about what delta-8 THC is as a whole.

Delta-8 THC is yet another cannabinoid found in hemp and marijuana plants. Currently, we know that these plants have at least 100 different cannabinoids, but scientists aren’t sure of the roles of each of these chemical compounds. Only recently have we been able to understand the potential behind delta-8 THC, as it’s still relatively new to the scene.

Not to be confused with delta-9 THC, D8 isn’t incredibly abundant in hemp. However, cannabis extractors have been able to isolate and extract D8 from plants, creating concentrate forms that allow consumers to better experience the full effects of the cannabinoid. Some growers have even been able to perfect delta-8-heavy strains. 

This cannabinoid has become well-known for its mild psychoactive profile and strong therapeutic characteristics. Unlike delta-9 THC, D8 has only subtle intoxicating elements; instead of providing a full-blown high, it’s better for producing waves of bliss and relaxation. Alongside this slight psychoactivity, delta-8 THC is wonderful for providing supportive medicinal effects. Studies show analgesic, antiemetic, and neuroprotective properties that may seriously benefit the mind and body.

What are Delta-8 THC Gummies?

Delta-8 THC gummies are just as they sound: they’re gummy candies infused with D8! You can find delta-8 THC gummies in various types, flavors, and strengths to appeal to practically every consumer on the market. 

Companies like Juicy Kush go through rigorous extraction and production processes to ensure that delta-8 THC gummies not only taste like your regular candy, but that they’re potent, too. Gummies are a great way to get a powerful, long-lasting D8 experience, but a brand has to craft them correctly. It’s a delicate balance that few have got right — Juicy Kush CBD sure has, though. (But we’ll talk more about our D8 gummies later.)

Delta-8 THC gummies look just like regular gummy candies, only they have varying amounts of D8 packed inside. You’ll find gummy bears, gummy rings, gummy squares, and so much more. When you’re consuming these treats, you have to remind yourself that you’re not munching on any old candy. These are candies infused with delta-8 THC, so proper dosing is crucial.

The Benefits of D8 Gummies

D8 gummies have exploded within the cannabis industry for a lot of different reasons. Aside from the exciting medicinal benefits D8 may offer, people love delta-8 THC gummies for their taste, accessibility, and easy dosing. Let’s explain. 


Undoubtedly, D8 gummies are some of the best-tasting cannabis products on the market. While you can find delta-8 THC in various forms, edibles like gummies present a tasty way of consuming your daily dose of D8. For many, this is a breath of fresh air! Not everybody is okay with the plant-like taste of cannabinoids; therefore, disguising it makes it that much more enjoyable to consume. 

As we mentioned, you’ll find D8 gummies in so many different delicious flavors. No matter what your tastebuds are craving, there’s something for everyone. Here at  Juicy Kush CBD you’ll find delta-8 THC gummies in peach, watermelon, and wild cherry flavors.

So, if you’re someone who finds that taking CBD or THC is a chore because of the compound’s taste, turn to infused gummies instead. D8 gummies will have you feeling like a kid again, just eating candy for fun. (Only this candy has a habit of making you feel a whole lot better from head to toe.) 


With delta-8 THC gummies, you don’t have to worry one bit about accessibility. These products are easy to consume and easy to find, making them ideal for anyone who struggles to use vapes or tinctures. 

You consume your D8 THC gummies just like you would any other candy. You don’t have to rely on any fancy technology or complicated consumption methods. Instead, you just pop one in your mouth and wait about an hour or so for effects to hit you. That’s all it takes! Plus, these candies look so normal that no one will know any different. 


Dosing delta-8 THC gummies is quite easy. Every gummy comes pre-dosed with a consistent amount of D8. Typically, gummies have a relatively mild amount of D8 in each, so they should be great for beginners. However, if you find that the dose isn’t strong enough, you can always take another gummy. And, if the gummy is too potent, simply eat half! That’s one of the biggest advantages of D8 gummies: dosing is practically effortless. 

If you’re somewhat new to the world of D8, starting with a low-dose delta-8 THC gummy can be a great choice. Just make sure to keep in mind the long onset time of these products: you’ll likely have to wait between an hour or two before the effects fully kick in. So, be patient! 

Introducing Juicy Kush Delta-8 THC Gummies!

At Juicy Kush CBD, we’re proud to announce our newest line of delta-8 THC products, including high-quality D8 gummies. We highly believe in the unique benefits of this up-and-coming cannabinoid, and we want our beloved customers to experience them too. Whether your mouth waters at the peach or the watermelon rings, Juicy Kush is excited to lead you on your delta-8 THC journey. 

Take a look through our new selection of products today and pick out which ones most pique your interest. Soon, you’ll understand the beauty (and deliciousness) of delta-8 THC gummies firsthand with Juicy Kush CBD.