Ways to Use CBD for a Special Valentine’s Day

Ways to Use CBD for a Special Valentine’s Day

valentines day and CBD
This Valentine’s Day, try doing something a little different. While we all love going out to eat or having a movie night on this romantic holiday, this year, TerVita wants you to try incorporating CBD into your date plans. Though it may sound a bit unconventional, we promise, it’s an incredible, all-natural way of stimulating your plans and helping bring your love life to a whole new--much more comfortable--level.

From unwinding with a CBD-infused bath bomb to relaxing your partner’s tense muscles or even spicing up your meal with a few drops of CBD oil, CBD can be used all throughout your V-Day this year. Here’s exactly how.

Relax & Unwind With a CBD Bath Bomb or Soak

Products like CBD bath bombs and bath soaks are becoming increasingly more popular within the health and wellness sphere, as they’re wonderful for giving you a dose of relaxation on top of some seriously silky skin. These products are specifically made to help you unwind, as the CBD helps to target slight muscle pains while the scents that are released creates waves of calm. 

On a day like Valentine’s Day, soaking with CBD bath salts or a bath bomb is the perfect way to get your body totally unwound, and have you in the best mindset for your exciting date later. (Not to mention, you’ll smell absolutely amazing, too.)

People love turning to bath-based CBD products as no consumption is required. Instead, you’re just relaxing as you would normally, but you’re also soaking in cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties, too. With this, feeling comfortable, happy, and prepared for the night ahead becomes easier than ever. We all know that Valentine’s Day can be a little bit nerve-wracking, so enjoying CBD’s calming supportive properties is simply a wonderful way to lessen those nerves, even if just for a little.

Keep in mind, these types of products are great for people of all kinds. Even if you’ve never tried CBD before, bath soaks and bath bombs are gentle and only mildly potent, making them ideal for any person that just wants to unwind. That being said, why not enjoy one of these CBD goodies with your partner, too? It is Valentine’s Day, after all.

Feel Comfortable and Intimate With CBD Topicals

If you don’t feel like relaxing in this bathtub this V-Day, that’s totally okay. Another wonderful way to use CBD for an extra-special Valentine’s Day is through CBD massage oils and other topicals. Like the bath bombs, CBD topicals are used to help relieve deep-seated aches and pain, reducing muscle tension and promoting comfortability. Many people find that CBD topicals are great all-natural ways of lowering pain levels while also boosting stimulation. On Cupid’s holiday, this can be more beneficial than you think.

Alone, you can turn to CBD topicals to help relieve any distracting pains you have that might be keeping you back from performing your best. Often, nerves can also subside a bit when you feel your best physically, so getting rid of these unnecessary aches and pains is a good way to prepare for your romantic holiday. For specific areas, you can simply rub CBD topicals right onto the afflicted area and you’ll likely feel relief in a matter of minutes. How easy is that?

For a bit more of a spicy option, you and your partner can both enjoy some CBD massage oil this February 14th. CBD massage oils are designed to help reduce pain while also stimulating the senses, helping to make every touch feel even better than before. Similar to the bath bombs, these products also produce super soothing aromas when applied, helping to calm the senses and provide ultimate pleasure. Alone, CBD topicals are relaxing, soothing, and ultra-supportive. With your partner, however, this can take your Valentine’s Day to a whole new place.

Enhance Your Meal With Some Drops of CBD

Who says you have to eat a regular ol’ meal for this romantic day? While there’s nothing wrong with spaghetti and meatballs and a glass of red wine, why not add a little bit of CBD into your meal? Placing a few drops of CBD oil into your food or drink allows you to get all of the benefits of your regular CBD oil but with practically no effort. Instead, you’re eating your delicious meal just as you would; but, in about 30 minutes, you’ll find yourself feeling much better than at the start of your dinner. 

Some CBD oils are made for different reasons, so if you’re using them to enhance your meal, make sure you find the perfect oil for the results you want. Some oils are much more stimulating than others, and for a holiday like V-Day, you probably want the most arousing properties possible. 

Doing this can help alleviate any residual aches and pains you may have, or even help calm your nerves for a more comfortable, happy date night. Regardless of why you add a few drops of CBD to your meal, doing so can help create a happier, more relaxed environment that both you and your date will absolutely love. 

Stimulate Your Valentine’s Day With Cannabidiol 

This February 14th, TerVita suggests you do things differently. With our wide selection of CBD products--from topicals to bath soaks and all the oils you can imagine--stimulating your Valentine’s Day will be easier than ever. Whether you’re hoping to calm some nerves, lower your pain levels, or help stimulate a bit of heat between you and your partner, CBD can help with all of that and more. 

We know that Valentine’s Day is different for every person. But, hey, so is CBD! That’s why we think it makes the perfect pairing for this uniquely romantic holiday. So, before you solidify your date plans this V-Day, take a look through TerVita’s impressive selection of CBD and pick out the products you think will enhance your holiday the most. Soon, you’ll want every date night to feel as special as this CBD-filled Valentine’s Day.