The Effects of Delta-8 THC

The Effects of Delta-8 THC

You’ve probably heard the term “delta-8 THC” being thrown around the cannabis industry lately. This new cannabinoid is making waves across the country, giving people the chance to try cannabis products they’ve never had before. And that’s exciting! But, with this newfound popularity comes newfound curiosities. A lot of people don’t even realize what delta-8 THC is, let alone its effects. 

To make sure you fully understand this unique cannabinoid, we’re talking all about the effects of delta-8 THC and what you can expect to experience with consumption. This way, you can try your D8 products with confidence and all the knowledge you need. Let’s get started.

Defining Delta-8 THC

Before we talk about the specific effects of delta-8 THC, we want to make sure the definition of this cannabinoid is clear. Delta-8 THC is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The compound is known for its exciting blend of subtle psychoactivity with strong therapeutic properties — but we’ll talk about that later. 

Typically, cannabis plants only contain small amounts of delta-8 THC. Thus, manufacturers have begun extracting this cannabinoid from hemp plants to focus on and isolate delta-8’s unique characteristics entirely. With this, hemp-derived D8 products are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, allowing people across the US to enjoy its effects. (However, be wary of your own state’s laws and regulations surrounding the new cannabinoid.)

We need to stress that delta-8 THC is not the same as delta-9 THC. When you hear people talk about THC, they’re most likely referring to delta-9 THC, as it is much more abundant — and more popular — than D8. Delta-9 THC can be highly psychoactive, causing a range of intoxicating effects that some people enjoy while others prefer to avoid. Because of this, delta-9 THC is a more controversial cannabinoid, and it is federally illegal. We understand the names of these two cannabinoids are confusingly similar, but they’re not ones to get mixed up. You’ll have two totally different experiences! If you’re not looking to get super stoned, delta-8 THC is the way to go.

What Are The Effects of Delta-8 THC?

Now, let’s get into the good stuff: what are the effects of delta-8 THC? 

Mild Psychoactivity

As we mentioned, delta-8 THC is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid. These properties stem from the chemical structure of the compound itself. It’s easiest to describe when comparing directly to delta-9 THC: both delta-8 and delta-9 THC have double-bonded chemical structures. The double-bond is believed to be what creates psychoactive effects in the brain — essentially, this helps the cannabinoid bind better to CB1 receptors. However, delta-8 THC has its double-bond located on the 8th atom, while D9’s is on (you guessed it) the 9th. 

This simple change in placement makes it so that delta-8’s ability to bind to CB1 receptors is lessened. It’s just not as strong as its counterpart. As a result, the cannabinoid produces only mild psychoactivity levels — something that’s quite attractive to a lot of cannabis consumers. 

So, when you consume delta-8 THC, one of the main effects you’ll notice is a feeling of euphoria or bliss, as well as a bit of a body high. Some people report feeling slightly weightless after consuming D8. However, the results are different for every person! Especially if you have a higher tolerance level than someone else.

Strong Therapeutic Value

Alongside a subtle high, the primary effect of delta-8 THC is the strong therapeutic value the cannabinoid presents. Of course, this compound will react differently in each person, but studies have found common ground between D8 and benefits like antiemetic, neuroprotectant, and anti-anxiety properties

Studies detailing delta-8 THC’s full characteristics are scarce, as we’re still learning more about the cannabinoid. However, the studies we have — alongside various consumer reports — seem to demonstrate some strong potential behind the somewhat unknown compound. The best way to see how D8 works is to try some for yourself. (Needless to say, always starting with a low dose.)

Potential Side Effects

Like all substances, there are a few potential side effects to consuming too much delta-8 THC. If your body doesn’t respond well to the cannabinoid, you may experience things like panic, confusion, dizziness, fatigue, or a fast heart rate. While uncomfortable, none of these problems are life-threatening, nor are they permanent. 

The best way to combat these emotions is to do everyday activities that ground you. Make sure you stay hydrated, eat a good meal, or even try taking a nap. Studies also suggest that black peppercorn — both eating and smelling it — is a great way to calm an uncomfortable high.

The Benefits of Delta-8 THC

The benefits of delta-8 THC are vast. The cannabinoid appeals to customers on a daily basis because of its natural properties and only subtle psychoactive levels. Many people don’t mind the feeling of being high; it’s when the high gets too strong that you’re turned off. But with delta-8 THC, the minor psychoactivity levels make this much less likely, leaving you to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing experience that also highly benefits the body. 

If you’re in a state that hasn’t placed bans or restrictions on D8, products are readily available. For those who don’t normally have access to such advantageous solutions, this is excellent news. Just make sure you always double-check with a brand’s third-party lab-test results before purchasing — this way, you know just how high-quality they truly are.

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