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The Benefits of Reishi in Your Daily Life

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The idea of adding adaptogenic mushrooms into health and wellness routines is not a new one. In fact, mushrooms have traditionally been cherished for their medicinal value and therapeutic properties, so why should today be any different? Recently, adaptogenic mushrooms have begun rising in popularity once again, leaving many to find reishi mushrooms added to their supplements. But why the sudden change?

We promise that there are a handful of good reasons why reishi is popping up left and right, especially in your favorite health supplements. Today, we’re talking all about the reishi mushroom, where it comes from, and why the experts here at Juicy Kush choose to use it.

What is Reishi, and Where Does it Come From?

As was mentioned above, reishi is a form of medicinal mushroom that has been used for centuries because of its unique properties. Reishi is considered an adaptogen, which is an herbal substance utilized for its medicinal and therapeutic value. 

You can find reishi mushrooms worldwide, as they grow naturally throughout places in North America, Europe, and Asia. In China particularly, the reishi mushroom—also known as lingzhi— has been highly praised and cherished for its incredible medicinal properties.

In the past, Asian communities turned to the reishi mushroom for the treatment of infections. Today, we use this type of mushroom for so, so much more. Let’s take a look at just some of the most significant benefits that this special type of adaptogen can bring. 

The Various Benefits

It’s important to stress that the results that reishi mushrooms bring will be different per person. Just as medication isn’t one-size-fits-all, neither are health and wellness supplements! However, these are some of the most common benefits reported from reishi, each one with clear scientific proof to back it up. 

Boosts Immune Systems

Various studies demonstrate the exceptional protective value that reishi mushrooms can provide. In multiple ways, these medicinal mushrooms can bring serious immune support, helping your body feel and function better on a daily basis. 

Certain studies illustrate reishi’s positive relationship with the body’s white blood cells, a key feature in immune health. When consumed, it appears as though reishi can lower the inflammation found in these white blood cell pathways, allowing your cells to function and move as they should. Other studies have found reishi’s ability to increase the production of specific white blood cells that work to fight infection. These properties are likely the same ones that ancient Chinese civilizations discovered in their treatments of infections and viruses with reishi. 

While the research here is still a bit scarce, it is clear that the reishi mushroom has strong promise to help with immune support, especially in those who need it most. 

Combats Depression

When given to a group of adults with neurasthenia, a condition associated with fatigue, depression, and headaches, reishi showed serious potential. The majority of those in the test group experienced lower levels of fatigue and increased mood and motivation. In turn, many of the participants noted their quality of life improved with the addition of the adaptogen, even weeks after consumption. 

Along with lessened fatigue and boost in mood, many people have also reported overall lowered anxiety levels with daily reishi consumption. The science behind this is still a bit muddy and needs more support, but when paired with other uplifting supplements like CBD, the combination may do wonders for your stress and anxiety. 

Unfortunately, for those already predominately healthy, it doesn’t appear as though reishi is as effective. While it still demonstrates some supportive properties, most of these remarkable results occur in those with difficult underlying health conditions. 

Supports Heart Health & Blood Sugar Levels

In terms of heart health and blood sugar levels, more evidence is needed to state concrete effects. However, one recent study using a human clinical trial found that the reishi mushroom increased HDL cholesterol levels— otherwise known as “good” cholesterol. Having higher HDL amounts is good for the body, but boosting these levels on your own isn’t always easy. Thankfully, it seems as though reishi might be able to help you get there. 

While there has yet to be a definitive study done on humans, various animal studies demonstrate reishi’s ability to normal blood sugar levels, decreasing them when necessary. There have also been a few of these studies conducted on humans, as well, but more evidence is needed. As it stands, again, the potential is promising here. 

Contains Anti-Cancer Properties

One of the main medicinal characteristics of reishi mushrooms is their anti-cancer properties. After various test-tube studies and trials, science shows that reishi targets cancerous cells and kills them, lowering the body’s risk. In fact, out of 4,000 breast cancer survivors, almost 50% of them reported consuming reishi during treatment. 

As we mentioned above, reishi does have the ability to increase protective white blood cells. Having this increased white blood cell count can do wonders for those with cancer, as it gives the body an extra boost of support. With this, the quality of someone’s life may improve, as long as they are continuing with their regular treatment plan, too. 

Why Juicy Kush Uses Reishi 

If it wasn’t clear before, it’s quite apparent now that the reishi mushroom contains some profound benefits. After all, there’s a reason it was (and still is) such a popular method of treatment back in ancient times. So, why does Juicy Kush use reishi in our Relax and Shroom capsules? To give you the best results, possible of course! 

Here at Juicy Kush , we strongly believe in the benefits that plant-based ingredients can bring, especially when paired alongside other healthy additives. Herbal adaptogens are the wave of the future, and Juicy Kush a has faith in the organic, natural path ahead. With this, it’s not, “Why does Juicy Kush use reishi?” but more so, why wouldn’t we?