The Beauty of Adaptogenic Mushrooms

The Beauty of Adaptogenic Mushrooms

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In the health and wellness world, you may have started to hear a little about adaptogens. Along with these, you might have even noticed adaptogenic mushroom additives in your favorite supplements and products. But, why is this? What are the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms, and what even are they? 

TerVita strongly believes in the all-natural benefits of mushrooms like these, using them alongside other natural compounds like CBD. That’s why, today, we’re talking about the beauty of adaptogenic mushrooms and why TerVita uses them within our high-quality wellness products. 

What Are Adaptogenic Mushrooms?

First thing’s first, it’s essential to establish what adaptogenic mushrooms are and how they differ from other mushrooms. 

Adaptogens, in general, are herbal substances used for medicinal and therapeutic reasons. Adaptogenic mushrooms, then, are types of mushrooms that hold strong medicinal value. These mushrooms are not hallucinogenic in any way, making them vastly different from magic mushroom strains.

Adaptogenic mushrooms come in various forms, each one producing unique health benefits in the body. When added alongside other natural substances, these medicinal mushrooms can bring incredible results to your everyday quality of life. Now, you will find these adaptogens in practically every health and wellness supplement on the shelves. With all of the varying benefits these mushrooms can bring, it is no surprise that they’re rapidly gaining traction in this industry. 

So, what are the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms? Let’s discuss. 

The Benefits of Adaptogenic Mushrooms

There are about six main adaptogenic mushroom strains that you’ll find in your favorite health supplements. As we mentioned, every mushroom offers its own extraordinary results in the body, so effects will vary depending on what mushrooms are used. But, here are some of the main health benefits that adaptogenic shrooms can provide. 

Boost Immune System

A few different adaptogenic mushrooms work to help boost your immune system. When consumed, the mushrooms function to stimulate your immune system directly, protecting your body from potential infection. This can do wonders for those who are particularly prone to getting sick or have a generally weak immune system. Of course, this isn’t a way to totally fix your immune system, but there’s a good chance it can give you a significant added boost, keeping you feeling your best even throughout cold and flu season. 

Many of these mushroom types are full of helpful vitamins, giving your body extra nutrients when consumed. This, itself, can do wonders for your immune system, especially if you lack these vitamins in your daily life. The high amounts of vitamins and minerals in these adaptogenic mushrooms can be enough to turn someone on to these immune-supporting additives. 

Regardless of why you consume them, these adaptogenic mushrooms can be a great addition to your routines, giving your body everything it needs to function its best.

Relieves Stress & Anxiety

Along with boosting immune support, adaptogenic mushrooms can also naturally relieve stress and anxiety. Some strains of mushrooms, when consumed, work to lower cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is the body’s primary stress hormone, and it’s something that every person produces. 

While low amounts are average, high cortisol levels can be harmful to the body, causing severe side effects. Thus, having regulated cortisol levels is crucial. Unfortunately, on your own, this isn’t always easy. That’s where these adaptogenic mushrooms come into play!

Adaptogenic mushrooms work throughout the body to lower these excess cortisol levels, helping to control our stress levels much easier. With this, you no longer react to stressful situations in such negative ways, and maintaining your anxieties feels a lot more manageable. By working alongside your nervous system, these medicinal mushrooms can put your everyday stress and worries under control and in your hands once again. 

Enhances Cognitive Performance

There are a few types of impressive adaptogenic mushrooms that can enhance cognitive performance. A few studies have shown that mushrooms like Lion’s Mane can stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a protein that helps to protect the brain, stimulating neuron regeneration. 

Other people have turned to adaptogenic mushrooms to assist with cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia. A small amount of these types of shrooms may help with memory both in the short and long term, even enhancing concentration and focus. When consumed consistently, many people report overall heightened mental clarity on a daily basis. 

Boosts Energy

Adaptogenic mushrooms are a great way to boost your energy levels naturally. Instead of relying on several cups of coffee throughout the day, adaptogenic mushrooms provide the body with enhanced oxygen flow and natural doses of caffeine to leave you feeling energized without being over-stimulated. 

Add some of these mushrooms alongside your favorite cup of tea or even coffee in the morning, and you will not believe the amount of productivity you’ll experience throughout the day. These natural herbal adaptogens keep you going all day long, making it easier to complete practically everything on your to-do list. Not to mention, the increased oxygen flow that mushrooms bring can be fantastic for those into exercise. 

Why TerVita Uses Adaptogenic Mushrooms

TerVita chooses to adaptogenic mushrooms in both our Relax CBD capsules and our Shroom capsules because of the incredible benefits it can bring to our customers. Again, TerVita believes strongly in the effects of these natural additives, and, alongside CBD, the medicinal benefits are hard to ignore. After all, we’re all about health and wellness, ensuring that all of our products help you get to where you need to be.

Whether you’re interested in boosting your energy levels naturally or just want some added nutrients in your diet, adaptogenic mushrooms can be excellent for doing it all. Check out our mushroom-infused products and see what kind of benefits these incredible adaptogens can bring you.