Managing Anxiety -Lauren A. | Juicy Kush CBD Review

Real Customers, Real Reviews: Lauren A.'s Story

Lauren A. struggles with anxiety. Here is her real life experience with Juicy Kush CBD's Relax Tincture: "I heard about Juicy Kush CBD through an influencer who I love because she’s not only hilarious, but she’s open about her own personal mental health struggles. I’m not one to buy things off Instagram, but I was having a particularly rough week and said f*** it, what do I have to lose? The Relax formula has changed my ENTIRE perspective on CBD products. CBD does work, but it’s all about the formulation.

I’m now a month into taking Relax by Juicy Kush CBD and my anxiety feels more manageable day to day. I don’t often find myself on the verge of having a panic attack. Because it’s 1000mg (very potent for CBD) I take 50ml (about 1.5 full droppers) at around 2pm daily, and 75ml before bed (over 2 full droppers). On a bad day, I up it to 75mls twice daily. I feel amazing and I’ve been getting the BEST night’s sleep in a long time all because of Relax by Juicy Kush CBD. Also the flavor, and this is very important. This does NOT taste like pot/hemp/grass and dirt blended together like others I’ve tried. You get a very clean lemon lime flavor and it’s delicious. Again, all in the formulation. This product has not only made me a believer in CBD but I can honestly say it's increased my quality of life, and I’ll be a repeat customer forever because of it. "

Our Relax contains 1000mg of Premium Full Spectrum CBD and Ashwagandha Root, an ancient herb that regulates your stress hormone Cortisol. We at Juicy Kush CBD strive to create consciously crafted CBD blends to help you thrive from the inside out! We are glad to have helped Lauren with her anxiety struggles. Learn more about our Relax Tincture by Juicy Kush CBD.