Microdosing with Juicy Kush

Microdosing with Juicy Kush CBD

Microdosing with TerVita CBD

Your body and mind deserve to feel their best at every point during the day-- not just when you’re most motivated. Whether you struggle to get yourself going in the morning or find yourself grasping for energy as the day drags on, we may have the perfect solution.

With CBD’s known therapeutic properties and non-psychoactive effects, it’s appearing to be an ideal component to add within your daily routines. However, we’re not talking about just taking a CBD gummy in the morning and calling it good. Rather, we’re discussing the benefits of microdosing your Juicy Kush and giving your body a splash of CBD all day long.

What is Microdosing?

Don’t let the term intimidate you! Microdosing is actually one of the easiest, most gentle ways of consuming your favorite CBD product. Microdosing essentially refers to the idea of administering several low doses of a substance over a longer period of time, preventing a strong onset of effects and then a subsequent come down. This way, you can experience milder effects that last all day, versus strong effects that fade fairly quickly.

For CBD, then, let’s say that you take one 20 mg dose of CBD oil at the start of your day, every day. Instead of doing this, microdosing CBD would be taking your 20 mg dose and breaking it up into equal, lower doses to enjoy throughout the day. One 20 mg dose turns into four 5 mg doses, and you’re experiencing gentle portions of your favorite cannabidiol all throughout your day, never allowing the effects to fully fade. The moment you feel yourself getting a bit prickly again, enjoy your next dose and let the tender amount of CBD do its thing.  

The Benefits of Microdosing CBD

At first glance, microdosing CBD may just sound like a lot of extra work. Thankfully, it’s much easier than it sounds, and it reaps various incredible benefits that every person who enjoys CBD could profit from. 

As we hinted at earlier, the act of microdosing CBD can be incredibly helpful in preventing the properties of the cannabinoid from fading too rapidly. When you’re in need of pain relief, you don’t just need relief for a few hours--you need it all day long. So, why would you rely on one dose of CBD to get you through the whole day? That’s exactly why microdosing is gaining traction.

By giving your body consistent yet low amounts of CBD all day, the properties that CBD brings are able to stay within your body for longer periods of time, working harder to continually keep things in check. Whether you enjoy CBD for the promotion of balance or for stress-relief and bliss, breaking down your doses allows the cannabinoid to stay working internally and continue in the assistance of molecular regulation and stability. 

CBD doesn’t bind directly to your body’s cannabinoid receptors, but instead works with these receptors, and others, to help them produce or inhibit the production of certain enzymes or molecules your body may or may not need at the moment. For example, the more stressed out you are, the more your body produces cortisol, a stress hormone. CBD, however, can work with your body’s production of such hormones, preventing the absorption of the molecule, thus, lowering your body’s stress levels. So, when this helpful cannabinoid is administered not just once in your day, but throughout, this regulation stays constant. 

The more your body gets conditioned to CBD, the longer it can stay active in your system, continually working to help you feel your best. With your endocannabinoid system being able to regulate everything from internal balance, sleep, memory to mood, appetite, pain sensations, and even headaches, keeping this system in constant balance is one of the best moves you can make in your lifestyle.

Best Ways to Microdose CBD

While microdosing sounds all well and good, how do you get started? Thankfully, here at Juicy Kush, we offer CBD products ranging in various different methods of consumption, strengths, and even flavors to make the process even easier. 

For microdosing, you can utilize a variety of different consumption methods simply depending on what you enjoy most. Often, CBD tinctures are the go-to method for microdosing, as the included measured dropper makes it super simple to measure your new, much smaller, dose. Plus, our tinctures come in strengths ranging from 500 mg to 2,000 mg, allowing you a perfect strength influenced by your tolerance levels. But, if you’re not a fan of the taste of CBD oil and don’t want to consume it all day long, you don’t have to. 

For stubborn, concentrated pains that just don’t subside with your typical pain medication, Juicy Kush CBD topicals may do the trick. Microdosing topicals is a little different than oils, gummies, or vapes, as the CBD isn’t being consumed. Rather, you’re applying low yet highly-concentrated doses of CBD onto your points of pain several times a day. When this is done, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are given the chance to work consistently and efficiently on areas of pain that won’t normally see that much attention. 

When it comes to determining your starting dose, this is truly up to you. If you’re someone who has been enjoying CBD for a while and is comfortable with its effects, your starting dose may be a bit higher than someone who is still dipping their feet in the CBD water. Regardless, beginning with as low of a dose as possible is key-- we’re talking like 5 mg. Then, you can always move up from there. 

Adding a Bit of Juicy Kush into Your Life

No matter how you choose to enjoy CBD, adding a bit of Jucy Kush into your daily routines, especially when done consistently, can add a layer of harmony to your life that you may have never thought possible. Though microdosing CBD won’t solve all of your life’s problems, it sure can tackle the basics. 

Whether you feel like you’re being held back by anxiety, pain, or simply feeling discombobulated all day long, enjoying several low doses of CBD may be able to combat all that, giving your body everything it needs and absolutely nothing that it doesn’t. With this constant internal regulation through microdosing CBD,  you’ll find yourself feeling better than ever--inside and out.