TerVita CBD Now Offers Juicy Kush Delta-8 Vape Pens

Just when you thought TerVita CBD had done it all, we’ve recently launched our newest line of delta-8 THC vape pens. These vape pens are of the highest quality on the market, giving you the best introduction to the world of delta-8 possible. 

So, what are these vape pens like, how do they work, and what are the benefits? Let us explain.

What is Delta-8 Like?

Delta-8 THC is one of the newest cannabinoids on the market today. This cannabinoid is only naturally present in meager amounts, so manufacturers have started isolating the compound or growing D8-rich hemp flower. This way, consumers can easily experience the effects of delta-8 THC and not have other major cannabinoids overshadow it. 

Even though the name may sound a lot like delta-9 THC, these two cannabinoids are quite different and present unique characteristics. Delta-9 THC (typically just known as THC) is one of the most abundant cannabinoids in the cannabis plant — but it is also the most psychoactive. Delta-8 THC, on the other hand, doesn’t present these strong psychoactive qualities. Instead, delta-8 THC produces only mild intoxicating effects. 

Many people describe delta-8 THC as providing euphoric buzzes and weightless feelings alongside significant supportive results. Though only subtly psychoactive, delta-8 THC does have quite profound therapeutic effects that many people benefit from. We’re still looking into the evidence here, but what we’ve seen so far with delta-8 THC and full-body support is incredibly promising. 

Again, it’s important to stress that delta-8 THC does have some low psychoactivity. However, many people find that these effects only enhance the supportive ones, creating more all-over comfort. While a lot of consumers find that delta-9 THC’s psychotropic levels are too potent and create anxiety, delta-8 THC seems to do the opposite: many people describe D8 as calming and stress-relieving. 

TerVita’s Delta-8 Vape Pens

Here at TerVita, we strongly believe in the benefits of delta-8 THC. We also know how much our customers rely on the ease, accessibility, and portability of products like vape pens. That’s exactly why we’ve decided to release a line of delta-8 THC vape pens. These products are perfect for any consumer looking to enjoy D8 on the go or whenever you need it most. You can carry these vapes with you in your pocket, purse, or hand, and enjoy a tasty puff throughout the day. 

We infuse each of our vape pens with 1,000 mg. of delta-8 THC and all-natural terpenes. Together, this natural blend brings out the best of the products’ characteristics. Each pen produces different results, as we make them with either an indica, sativa, or hybrid strain. 

Mango Sour Diesel - If you’re looking for an uplifting, creativity-inducing pen, our Mango Sour Diesel is the vape for you. This delta-8 vape pen contains a buzzy sativa blend that helps to induce creativity while helping to remove stress and anxiety. By using natural mango flavors, this pen tastes refreshing and invigorating. (But, you can thank the Sour Diesel strain for that, too.) Again, this vape pen contains 1,000 mg. of hemp-derived delta-8 THC.

Watermelon Gorilla Glue - Of course, if sativas aren’t your thing, you can always opt for our balanced hybrid option. The Watermelon Gorilla Glue delta-8 vape pen is designed to help you fully decompress while soaking in waves of euphoria. This vape pen is great for all day, everyday consumption, as it won’t leave you craving bedtime. The watermelon flavors alongside the earthy, slightly fruity flavors of the world-famous Gorilla Glue strain make a combination your tongue will love. 

Lemon Ice Cream Cake - Finally, for anyone looking to get some help with sleep and experience total relaxation, TerVita has our Lemon Ice Cream Cake vape pen. We craft this vape using a potent indica blend that’s perfect for helping your mind and body decompress after a long, hard day. You’ll feel your stress and pain melt away as you puff on this fruity, sweet vape. The flavors will remind you of dessert — as you start to drift off to sleep thanks to the 1,000 mg. of D8.

Usage & Dosage

Using our delta-8 THC vape pens is as easy as can be. With our pens, there aren’t any fancy buttons or tricks to using the device. Instead, you simply inhale on the mouth end of the vape and let your lungs fill with delta-8 THC and terpenes. Then, once you’ve finished off your vape pen, you just toss it. They’re disposable, after all! 

When it comes to dosage, every person is different. However, we recommend that beginners start with just one puff and see how your mind and body react to the cannabinoid. In about 10 minutes, if you don’t think you got the effects you desired, you can try taking another puff. For those comfortable with delta-8 THC, feel free to hit these vape pens all day, as needed. Just listen to your body. Overconsumption of D8 can create uncomfortable effects, so it’s best to take it slow. 

Buy Delta-8 Vape Pens Today!

Are you ready to experience Juicy Kush delta-8 products for yourself? Here at TerVita, we couldn’t be happier to provide our customers access to high-quality, potent vape products that actually work. In a time where the market is flooded with fraudulent, low-quality options, TerVita strives to be better than the rest. You can always take a look at our third-party lab-test results to see exactly how much D8 is in our vapes, as well as see firsthand how pure they really are. 

If you’ve never tried delta-8 THC before, now’s the time. Check out our massive selection of delta-8 THC products (more than just vapes!) and see what appeals to you most. Then, once you place an order, TerVita will handle the rest of the process. Before you know it, our vape pens will transport you to a place of bliss and relaxation.