Is Delta-8 THC Effective for Anxiety Relief?

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Cannabis and anxiety is a tricky subject. While some compounds in the plant have shown clear anxiety-relieving properties, others can cause a bit of panic if you consume too much. So, what about delta-8 THC? Is this new cannabinoid effective for anxiety relief? 

Today, TerVita CBD is focusing entirely on the delta-8 THC cannabinoid and its impact on anxiety and other parts of the body. This way, when you go to try D8 for the first time, you’ll know exactly what to expect from the chemical compound — as well as how to consume it safely. Let’s get right into it. 

The Properties of Delta-8 THC

If you’re not familiar with delta-8 THC, that’s because the cannabinoid is still relatively new in the world of cannabis. D8 is a cannabinoid that closely resembles delta-9 THC, the cannabinoid you’re used to hearing about in weed and (not) hemp. However, delta-8’s properties aren’t quite like delta-9’s

While D9 is known for getting you high and locked to the couch, this isn’t the case with delta-8. The D8 compound only holds mild psychoactive effects, creating very subtle euphoric feelings. To offset these mild effects, the cannabinoid also promotes a substantial therapeutic value that many people have found beneficial. Together, you get a cannabinoid that will provide a gentle, supportive high alongside some profound relief — mental, physical, or both. You can read more about the effects of delta-8 here.

These properties are incredibly unique in the cannabis world, and it’s something we haven’t quite seen yet. We’re so used to the strong psychotropic effects of delta-9 THC that we didn’t even think of the benefits that something more moderate could present. Because of the subtle high, people greatly enjoy turning to delta-8 THC as you don’t have to worry about getting those panicked feelings of being too intoxicated. Instead, you’re left feeling relaxed, at ease, and quite comfortable — as long as you dose the delta-8 correctly.

That brings us to our main point: is delta-8 THC effective for anxiety relief, then?

Is It Effective for Anxiety?

People have found that turning to delta-8 THC for anxiety relief is incredibly effective — especially compared to the effects of delta-9 THC

Typically, when people experience anxiety or worsened anxiety after consuming cannabis, it is because of THC. The strong psychotropic effects of delta-9 THC can be overwhelming for some consumers, triggering anxious thoughts or a racing heartbeat. For those who already have anxiety, this just exacerbates the problem, creating quite an uncomfortable situation. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with delta-8 THC.

It appears as though people have found serious anxiety relief with D8 because of the very mild psychoactivity. The psychotropic levels aren’t strong enough to create overwhelming reactions, and the strong therapeutic aspects work tirelessly to ensure your body is reacting as it should. Thus, you’re left feeling level and oh-so-relaxed. 

Of course, this does depend on how accurately you dose your D8. But, if you do so carefully and mindfully, you’re likely to experience this calm state, as well. With this, consuming some delta-8 after a long, stressful day can be the best way to totally unwind and appreciate being cozy at home. 

So, is delta-8 THC effective for anxiety relief? For most people, yes! D8 can be excellent for calming an anxious mind and body. 

The Other Benefits of D8

There are many other benefits of D8 that the canna-community is learning more about every day. Though we’re still understanding the ins and outs of this complicated cannabinoid, it appears as though D8 shows strong antiemetic, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties. 

Unfortunately, the evidence behind these benefits is still a bit scarce, so we cannot draw any concrete conclusions. However, if you want to know more about these potential benefits, check out our blog post: we outline them all there!  

How to Consume Delta-8 THC For Anxiety Relief

Consuming delta-8 THC is as easy as consuming any other hemp product. However, if you’re consuming it for anxiety relief, you have to make sure you’re careful about dosing, the products you’re taking, and when. 

In terms of dosing, if you’re new to the world of D8, you’ll want to start with the lowest dosage possible to ensure your body reacts well to the cannabinoid. If you don’t get the effects you want, you can always increase your dosage just a little bit. Consuming at this pace is the best way to get anxiety relief, as you’re giving your body a chance to adjust and get used to the foreign cannabinoid. Over time, you’ll simply get more comfortable with D8, and consuming varying amounts will become easier.

For anxiety relief, it’s typically best to consume your delta-8 at the end of your day or during your downtime. This is because delta-8 products, especially indica-based ones, are meant to help you wind down, so it isn’t uncommon for consumers to just want to chill after their dose. Speaking of indicas, if you have the choice, indica-dominant products will be ideal for combatting your anxiety, as sativas can sometimes be too stimulating. 

Try smoking some delta-8 THC through a vape pen to combat your anxiety. These products allow for immediate relief practically anywhere. Start by taking just one puff and see how the D8 affects you. Chances are, you’ll start to feel your muscles relax and your anxieties quiet after a few hits. 

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