Is CBD an Aphrodisiac?

Is CBD an Aphrodisiac? 

CBD for sexual health

Within the last year, CBD has gained serious traction within the health and wellness sphere. From helping with pain, diets, mood, and everything in between, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when people started incorporating it into their sex lives, too. But, is CBD even an aphrodisiac? Does using it during intimacy have any sort of actual benefit?

Don’t worry: if you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re not the only one. That’s why we’re taking a deep dive into the world of CBD and intimacy, and we’re finding out whether or not this cannabinoid is an aphrodisiac or not. Let’s get started.

CBD and Sex

Even though it may sound like a somewhat foreign concept in today’s Western society, the idea of CBD and sex is not new. For centuries, civilizations have turned to the cannabis plant for enhanced stimulation, both in religious and spiritual ceremonies. During these, it has been said that the plant produced orgasmic-like effects for both men and women.

While the science is still a bit unclear here, the idea that cannabinoids like CBD could boost libido isn’t tough to comprehend. CBD itself works directly alongside the human body’s endocannabinoid system when consumed. Here, CBD acts as a cell signaler, letting the body know where it needs added support and stimulation through the use of cannabinoid receptors. The reproductive system has one of the most significant amounts of CB receptors in the entire human body, leaving it highly receptive to cannabinoids like CBD.

Knowing this, researchers have started looking into the full spectrum of how CBD affects the reproductive system. Of course, every person is different, but the potential results are pretty promising. Many people are now turning to CBD not only to alleviate pain during sex and make it more pleasurable, but to enhance the whole experience tenfold, too.

So, Is CBD an Aphrodisiac?

After thousands of years of pairing cannabis with sex, many people do believe that the plant, as a whole, is an herbal aphrodisiac. There is still plenty of debate about whether or not CBD itself is an actual aphrodisiac; however, its plant derivative sure appears to be.

Back in the late 70s, the Journal of Clinical Psychology published a study linking cannabis use and sexual function. The study asked over 80 graduate students if they experienced increased sexual performance after consuming cannabis and an overwhelming amount concluded as such. For men, this typically helps delay ejaculation and stimulate arousal, while women experience more intimate pleasure, comfortability, and stimulation throughout the body.

Surprisingly enough, a 2012 study discovered a clear linkage between the endocannabinoid system and sex, showing increased arousal levels when these cannabinoids were present and working. This leads many to believe that consuming some form of CBD or cannabis before a sexual experience can enhance the act, heightening pleasure and making the whole experience all the more exciting.

Along these lines, a lot of people turn to CBD to make sex more comfortable overall. Unfortunately, many women struggle with painful sex, making it difficult to become intimate in any way. But that’s where CBD comes in. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can do wonders for uterine and pelvic pain, making sex a lot more pleasurable than before. You’re able to focus on the actual act itself rather than worrying about any pain you might have. Combined with the added stimulation, these effects can make CBD products absolutely incredible for before an intimate night with your partner (or just on your own!).

How to Use CBD to Boost Your Libido

Luckily for you, there are so many different forms of CBD out there that can boost libido and take your sex life to a whole new level.

Many people choose to indulge in CBD oils made with stimulating additives right before sex. Doing this can help provide a more full-bodied experience, as effects are felt from head to toe and not in a concentrated area. This is great for getting you in the right headspace and your whole body comfortable for some intimate time which makes it a perfect treat for Valentine's Day.

Other CBD lovers have found success through CBD topicals. Many brands design topicals like lubes and massage oils to safely be applied to these more sensitive areas. Doing this helps to stimulate those places directly, providing a much more intense, concentrated result than other application methods. Topicals like these are a great way to take your night between the sheets to a whole new level.

It’s important to remember that CBD topicals should not be applied to intimate areas unless explicitly stated on the product itself.

Finally, there’s been a rise in popularity surrounding CBD suppositories lately. A lot of women are finding that these potent medicinal capsules can be life-changing for discomfort in those more intimate areas. Besides providing pain relief and relaxation, some CBD suppositories can also boost arousal and get you in the mood for your night ahead.

Simply put, enhancing your libido with CBD isn’t a difficult decision. You just have to find the right products! That’s exactly why TerVita is here.

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