Hemp Guide: Shop for the Best THCA Disposables

Hemp Guide: Shop for the Best THCA Disposables

Hemp Guide: Shop for the Best THCA Disposables

What makes THCA so unique is the fact that the THC doesn’t turn psychoactive until it gets heated. Therefore, one of the best ways to enjoy THCA is through Disposables. In this guide, we help you shop for the best THCA Disposables.

THCA Disposables Vapes

Disposables are one of the best ways to enjoy THCA because a Disposable device is the perfect way to activate the THC. It does this by heating the distillate without burning it.

The Benefits of Vaping THCA

Think of it like a blonde roast coffee and dark roast. A light roast coffee has a smooth flavor and high caffeine content, while a dark roast has a bold flavor with a lower caffeine content.

A Disposable device activates the THCA by not burning the distillate, leaving a higher THC content. However, this doesn’t make THCA Flower an inferior product. On the contrary, there are several benefits to smoking THCA but being more potent is not one of them.

Smoking THCA Benefits

The truth is anything you vape will be stronger than anything you smoke. This is because vaping uses a concentrated distillate of pure THC, while smoking gives you the entire plant benefit, not just THC.

The biggest benefit of smoking THCA is that you’re getting a product that has been less processed and more natural. Although THCA is added to Hemp flowers, all the natural flavors and aromas remain intact.

Difference Between Vaping and Smoking THCA

Here is a brief overview of the major differences between smoking and vaping THCA.

THCA Disposables Benfits

  • More potent
  • Better flavors
  • More popular

THCA Flower Benefits

  • More natural
  • More benefits
  • Less processed

How To Shop For THCA

When shopping for THCA, you will want to look for several signs. Although it can be tricky, we designed this guide to help you shop for the best THCA products.

The Best THCA Disposables

Although THCA is great, you’ll usually find other cannabinoids blended in. There are a couple of reasons why companies do this. The biggest reason is to save you costs. When a new cannabinoid hits the market, there’s a rush to add it to everything, but there’s not enough because it’s still relatively new.

So, to avoid charging you a high price, THCA is added to a blend. The benefit of having a blend of cannabinoids is that it’s known to have an Entourage Effect - which means it creates a unique experience when more than one cannabinoid is in a product.

Cannabinoid Blends

Finding the best THCA product is deciding which blend is right for you. If you’re looking for potency, anything with THCP will do the trick however, if you’re looking for something mellow, cannabinoid blends with HHC are perfect for you.

What if you don’t want a blend and only want THCA? For the purist, we’d recommend going with a THCA Flower instead. The reason is that it’s less adulterated with more of the natural THCA you want.

Flavored THCA Disposables

The other thing you’ll want to consider when shopping for THCA disposables is their flavors. Which flavors are right for you? Keep in mind most concentrates use terpenes. When Terpenes are added, they do two things: they add flavor, and they add the strain properties.


Because distillate is a pure THC extract, it has a natural flavor of Hemp, which is earthy and bitter. Many people don’t like that taste, so natural Terpenes are added, which are fruity and make the product enjoyable.


When the THC is extracted, it no longer identifies as Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. Therefore, Terpenes are added, which have certain associated characteristics, such as uplifting, relaxing, mellow, etc. The Terpenes try to replicate the strain associated with the flavor profile.

Shopping for THCA Strains

When you’re shopping for THCA strains, it will normally state on the packaging what the strain is. However, this isn’t always reliable because it can affect people differently or differ from another company.

Brief History of THC Strains

Originally, strains were a way for cultivators to identify how Cannabis is grown. Sativa has long stems and is thin, preferring warmer climates, and Indica has short, bushy stems and prefers colder climates. Therefore, Sativa is associated with uplifting qualities, and Indica is associated with being chill.

THCA Strains

Different companies source Terpenes from different locations, so identifying what an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid is can vary. You may prefer a certain strain, but finding the perfect one that agrees with you will be based on trial and error.

You may have a preferred strain, but if you’ve never had a specific blend of cannabinoids, we’d recommend changing it up a bit. It’s good practice to start small by taking one hit or two and see how you feel.

Read The Reviews

We recommend reading the reviews to find out how a strain affects other people. One of the trickiest strains to navigate is Hybrids because some are Indica dominant while others are Sativa dominant. But, if you read the reviews, you can conclude what type of experience you’ll have.

In addition, we recommend that you leave a review as well, stating what type of experience you had. Also, you can find helpful reviews online and not just on the company's website. Forums like Reddit or Social Media can help you.


Shopping for the best THCA disposables will require you to do homework, but it’s worth it. You first need to decide what you’re looking for regarding potency, flavor, and strain. Once you’ve done that, look at what others say in the reviews before deciding on the best THCA disposable.