Full-Spectrum CBD and the Entourage Effect

Full-Spectrum CBD and the Entourage Effect

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When learning about cannabis, you’ll hear a lot of strange-sounding terms you’ve probably never heard of. Recently, there’s been a lot of talk surrounding full-spectrum CBD and the entourage effect, but, what does this even mean?

Knowing what these terminologies mean is crucial in best enjoying your CBD experience. Even more important, though, is understanding exactly how these terms are related and what their relationship means in the world of cannabidiol. 

What is the Entourage Effect?

First, let’s start by defining the entourage effect. This is a somewhat new phenomenon that is still actively being researched within the cannabis community, but it was created out of the belief that cannabis’s phytochemicals work best synergistically.  

The cannabis plant, as a whole, contains many cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other chemical compounds. Often, in certain extraction processes, many of these compounds are tampered with, destroyed, or even isolated. We see this most frequently with products like CBD oils made from CBD isolate. This means that this product has gone through serious extraction and purification processes to ensure that only the CBD cannabinoid remains. While this is great for those who only want to enjoy CBD, science is showing that it just might not be as potent.

The entourage effect, then, would argue that CBD extracts that contain various cannabinoids, rather than just one, produces more effective results. This is because, according to the phenomenon, all of the included cannabinoids have the ability to work synergistically. On the flip side, when CBD is the only cannabinoid, it doesn’t have any other properties to bind with and cannot act as fully as it wants to. 

So, long story short, the entourage effect believes that all of cannabis’s myriad compounds simply work best when all together. 

The Benefits

The entourage effect is a sought-after phenomenon because of its unique benefits. No matter what reason you use your CBD, these effects are likely to feel much more potent and effective than through other, more isolated products. 

On top of the benefits that cannabinoids bring, terpenes are also said to play a major role in your cannabis’s properties. When these terpenes are stripped from your extract, you’re missing a huge component of your cannabis, and your experience is undoubtedly affected. When they’re preserved and paired with cannabinoids, however, their individual benefits shine through right alongside their novel flavors profiles. This means that not only will the entourage effect bring more flavorful, aromatic products, but it will help bring individualized effects that vary depending on the terpenes that are used. 

Interestingly enough, these abundant chemical compounds also contain myriad nutrients and healthy elements that give your body even more of a boost that your CBD normally would. This only adds to the all-natural, nourishing properties that CBD extracts claim to provide. 

All in all, the entourage effect truly works to enhance the benefits that cannabis is meant to provide. It puts it on a pedestal and lets the extract’s flavors radiate throughout the product. But, all of this just begs the question: how do you best experience the entourage effect? 

What Does Full-Spectrum CBD Have to Do With It?

Full-spectrum CBD extracts may be the best way to experience the entourage effect. As we mentioned, CBD isolates are extracts that focus entirely on the CBD cannabinoid and nothing else. Full-spectrum CBD extracts, however, are called “full-spectrum” because they contain full-plant compounds

Instead of just isolating one specific cannabinoid, full-spectrum extracts embrace all phytochemicals. These types of extracts are typically full of myriad cannabinoids, distinct terpenes, and flavorful flavonoids. Because they contain all of these components, they are believed to be the perfect extract to exhibit the entourage effect. All of the complex components are free to work together flawlessly, producing fuller effects as well as more potent flavors and scents. 

There are also other extracts like broad-spectrum extracts that are still good proponents of the entourage effect, it’s just not quite as effective. Broad-spectrum extracts do contain myriad cannabinoids and terpenes, but they do not contain any THC. Without the THC, there is absolutely no risk of intoxication, which is why many turn to broad-spectrum over full. However, both are able to embrace the entourage effect in ways that other extracts simply cannot. 

So, is Full-Spectrum CBD Better?

When it comes to exhibiting the entourage effect, technically, full-spectrum CBD extracts are going to be ideal. However, this is all subjective. Some will find just as much relief through isolates than they do with full-spectrum extracts. 

You simply cannot say that one type of extract is “better” than the other, but if you’re looking for the most comprehensive experience, full-spectrum extracts scientifically prove to be the best bet. Plus, they’re naturally going to taste the best!

 CBD and the entourage effect

Enjoying the Entourage Effect

If you’re interested in enjoying the entourage effect for yourself, make sure you try out our full-spectrum products. TerVita specifically preserves our delicious terpenes and potent cannabinoids in our extracts to ensure a potent, powerful experience for everyone who tries it. 

But, if you’re not into THC, that’s okay! We also have broad-spectrum products that will still give you a great taste into the world of the entourage effect. No matter what kind of experience you’re looking to have, TerVita is here to help make that happen. 

So, purchase some new CBD products and let the entourage effect do its thing. Soon, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for CBD and all of its synergistic counterparts.