Does Hemp THC Show Up On A Drug Test?

Does Hemp THC Show Up On A Drug Test?

Does Hemp THC Show Up On A Drug Test?

We often get asked if Delta 8 will appear on a drug test, although it’s not cannabis. You might be worried about this, especially if you’re subjected to frequent testing. Although Delta 8 is THC, here are some important things to consider before you take a drug test.

Testing Positive for THC

The biggest thing about taking a drug test is that it does not test specific cannabinoids. The test is usually for any type of THC. Although Delta 8 is not classified as Cannabis, it doesn’t mean it’s not THC. Therefore, taking any THC before a drug test can lead to you testing positive.

If you’re worried about testing positive for THC, Delta 8 is not a good alternative. There’s a thin line between Hemp and Marijuana, and Delta 8, unfortunately, is closely related to Marijuana regarding its chemical composition. You’re better off taking a break to clean your system.

False Positives

Not all tests are cut and dry, and false positives exist. You might have been THC-free for some time and still come up positive. This is the case for CBD; the test detects small traces of THC and gives a false positive.

CBD is non-psychoactive, but it still comes from the Hemp plant, which is closely related to the Marijuana plant. Certain types of CBD can trigger false positives, such as Full Spectrum, which includes all of the properties of the Hemp plant instead of only the CBD.

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Hemp Derived THC

When we refer to Hemp-derived THC, we’re talking about THC made from Hemp. This is important because we cannot sell THC from the Marijuana plant over the Internet. However, the fact that it’s considered Hemp doesn’t change the fact that it’s THC.

It may seem confusing because any type of THC can get you high, but the current laws prohibit us from selling anything considered Marijuana. Therefore, our THC is considered Hemp, but it can still make you fail a drug test because it’s still THC.

Tips for Passing A Drug Test

The biggest and most important tip we can give you is simply to take a break from THC. The other important tip is don’t fall for the myths that you can pass a test if you do this or that.

Tolerance Break

A tolerance break is probably the best way to pass a drug test. This means that you take a break from using any form of THC to clean out your system. It naturally stays in your blood for about 1 - 2 days, in saliva 2 - 3 days, in urine 3 - 30 days, and in hair for about 90 days.

You can kind of gauge how long you will need to be THC-free. However, you will want to consider the test you’ll take. The most common type of testing is a urine test (pee in a cup). In addition, a tolerance break will help you in the long run.

Benefits of a Tolerance Break

One of the biggest benefits of taking a tolerance break is that you’re breaking down your dependency on THC. The more you consume, the better accustomed your body gets to the dosages. So, when you return to using THC again, you won’t need as much to get high.

Think of people like Snoop Dogg, who’ve been smoking for years. It takes a lot to get them high, to the point where normal weed no longer affects them. Taking a tolerance break can help get you back to the needed levels.

Myths Behind Passing Drug Tests

You might be tempted to purchase a product that claims to help you pass a test. However, they’re not guaranteed to work, and if they did guarantee it, they wouldn’t be available on normal sites. The fact is that the black market thrives on desperate people looking for a quick fix.

Some take a holistic approach by flushing their system through fruit juices or water. However, THC can get stored in your fat cells, which slowly release over time. Although natural drinks are good for you, there’s no guarantee they will help you pass a drug test.


You will fail a drug test if you take any form of THC, whether Delta 8, Delta 9, Marijuana, etc. We believe the best way to pass a drug test is to hold off until you know how often you’ll be tested. Also, try not to give in to the hype that you can pass a test if you do this or that.