Cordyceps — Enhance Your Wellbeing

Cordyceps — Why You Shouldn’t Live Without It


Everyday, all of the time, our bodies are under assault. No matter what you do, toxins have a way of building up in the body in more ways than one which can have a lethal effect if left unacknowledged. 

This being said, it’s no surprise why one might opt for solutions to help flush them out. While there are many options available, more and more people are starting to opt for something more natural and more importantly safe and without whacky side effects. Since the beginning of time, nature has provided mankind remedies that have proven effective.

There are many reasons to incorporate herbs into our everyday lifestyles and we are a company that prides ourselves on our focus to deliver high-quality, natural wellness remedies. By supplementing our CBD products with other other ingredients found in nature, we have created a fully customizable line that meets the needs of all of our customers — and the amazing God given cordyceps is one of them. 

What are Cordyceps, and Where Can They Be Found?

Cordyceps are fascinating fungi that grow on the larvae of specific caterpillars found in certain regions throughout China. They have traditionally been used throughout Chinese medicine to help those who struggle with symptoms of fatigue, certain diseases, and a lowered sex drive.

In all, there are nearly 400 different species of cordyceps; however, only two have been identified for their health benefits - cordyceps Sinensis and cordyceps Militaris also called “Vegetable Caterpillar” Chinese Caterpillar Fungus.

Cordyceps can be found all across the globe but are primarily harvested in Asia. They can often be tough to source, which makes them expensive to obtain from the wild. It can cost close to $9,000 to obtain one pound of naturally harvested cordyceps. This has led to a demand for cordyceps to be grown in labs, allowing for stricter quality control measures and a lower acquisition cost. 

Even though they may be difficult to obtain, many scientific studies are ongoing to discover all of the health benefits that cordyceps have to offer. 

The Benefits of Cordyceps

The unique properties of the cordyceps fungi have been found to offer a multitude of benefits to those who use them. There is evidence to show that they help the body deliver energy to the muscles. Using them as a supplement can help to reduce feelings of fatigue and can boost energy and stamina. 

Some studies have used lab mice to understand further the medicinal properties that cordyceps has to offer. These studies have found that these fungi may have anti-aging properties, unique sugars compounds, and anti-inflammatory effects within the body. 

There is a significant population of elderly who, for centuries, have relied upon the benefits that cordyceps has to offer, saying they find relief from aches and pains and even see an improvement in their heart health. These claims have gained recognition from the rest of the population, and it is now gaining more popularity in different wellness supplements.

Some of the most commonly known benefits of cordyceps include.

Boosts Energy

Scientists are trying to understand better how cordyceps can help boost energy levels and assist with fighting fatigue. After testing, results show that cordyceps can improve how the body utilizes oxygen, especially during exercise or physical exertion. 

This information is being investigated as a possible future aid for asthma as well. After the mice were tested, scientists moved on to human subjects. They tested younger adults, elderly adults, and professional athletes. When they tested human subjects, they found that, similar to the mice, it improved oxygen use. 

The energy-boosting effects of cordyceps are still being studied, but some improvements have been seen in those struggling with fatigue and low sex drive.

Potential Antitumor Effects

Interestingly, some scientists have begun examining cordyceps and their potential to aid in cancer research. While all of the results are still inconclusive and much more testing needs to be done, the initial studies are positive. 

Tests have been conducted in test tubes and on animals but have yet to be tested on humans, so the results are still only in their very early stages. These test-tube studies have found that cordyceps appear to slow down the growth of cancer cells, specifically lung, colon, skin, and liver cancer. The therapeutic possibilities with cordyceps are an exciting development. However, there is still quite a bit of research that needs to be done before it can be truly tested in human subjects and their full potential is known.   

May Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a prevalent disease that requires medication and sometimes insulin injections to control blood sugar levels in the body. Through specific testing, it appears that cordyceps has a particular sugar in them that seems to act similar to insulin. 

Having uncontrollable blood sugar levels is a serious health risk and can have a wide variety of detrimental health effects if the levels are not regulated properly. The sugar controlling effects of cordyceps have been tested on animals, and scientists are pleased with the results thus far. 

While testing the effects of type 2 diabetes, scientists also found that cordyceps can possibly assist in kidney disease. The health benefits of cordyceps seem to be endless. 

Improves Heart Health

Cordyceps have been approved in China to be used to assist with heart arrhythmia. This is when the heart beats irregularly, usually either too fast or too slow.  

When it comes to helping the heart, cordyceps has stimulating effects. When tested on rats with chronic kidney disease, scientists found that heart injuries were significantly limited. 

Triglycerides are fats in the body, and when there is an abundance of them, they can increase the risk of stroke. cordyceps have been tested on mice, and scientists have found a potential to decrease triglyceride levels. This would mean that cordyceps may be able to reduce bad cholesterol build-up in the arteries. Knowing these effects, cordyceps could possibly reduce the risk of severe strokes and heart diseases in the elderly

Reduces Inflammation

Cordyceps have also been found to reduce inflammation. Testing has shown that cordyceps can reduce inflammation in the airways. This makes them a potential therapy for people who struggle with asthma. 

Some inflammation in the body is good, as that means it is healing. However, inflammation can be painful and last longer than it should. cordyceps can be used to help reduce inflammation and the pain that is associated with it. 

Cordyceps can also be applied topically to help reduce inflammation of the skin and do not necessarily have to be ingested to be effective. cordyceps truly have unique medicinal properties. 


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