CBD Oil's Top Health Benefits

CBD Oil’s Top Health Benefits

People turn to CBD for a lot of different reasons. The health benefits that the cannabinoid is said to bring runs from head to toe, allowing for therapeutic support in practically any way you need. In fact, cannabis researchers are still discovering new benefits of this cannabinoid, impressing the community more and more every day. CBD oil, in particular, has shown quick, potent results for so many different complications.

While you can enjoy CBD for whatever reason you desire, there are various advantages of the cannabinoid that appear to be much more common than others. From pain relief to full-body relaxation, here are some of CBD oil’s top health benefits. 

CBD’s Benefits: Reducing Pain

One of the most popular reasons that people turn to CBD is to reduce their pain levels. Chronic pain or otherwise, CBD oils have been shown to provide serious relief for pain all throughout the body. This is largely due to CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties.

When consumed, these anti-inflammatory properties work with muscles and muscle tissue wherever it needs to reduce over-active inflammation. Once the inflammation is reduced, pain is also reduced, and you’re able to move with better fluidity and lessened discomfort. 

On top of reducing inflammation, CBD oils also have properties that work directly with molecules in the body that regulate pain perception. Sometimes, your body can over-react to pain, sending too many signals and causing extreme feelings of discomfort. CBD, however, can help regulate these signaling molecules, causing your perception of pain to be reduced. 

Not only do you think you feel better with CBD, but your body actually is receiving relief. With CBD, you’re not just masking your pain. 

Alleviating Anxiety

Many people turn to CBD to help bring relief to their minds, as well. Anxiety can be extremely tough to manage, and often, even the strongest medications just have you feeling like a zombie. CBD, however, has natural anti-anxiety properties that can relieve the mind in ways that don’t leave you feeling empty. 

CBD oils work to manage anxiety by helping to reduce the physical symptoms alongside the metal symptoms. Often, physical anxiety symptoms get overlooked and ignored, still leaving you feeling anxious. CBD oil can help steady shakes that you may have while also calming racing thoughts, helping to create a more comprehensive calming experience. 

CBD truly tackles anxieties from all angles, steadying anxious thoughts, reducing tension in the body, and enhancing mood. All of these factors help to lower anxiety levels, especially collectively. Unfortunately, most anxiety medications don’t offer such widespread effects as CBD does, so they’re frequently taken together to get the fullest experience possible. (Just make sure you check with your doctor before you try it, too.)

Helping You Sleep 

Nowadays, everybody is looking for ways to get better sleep. With so much stress in the world, many of our sleep cycles have been disturbed, and actually calming down before bed is tougher than ever. As you can probably guess, though, CBD oil has been an incredible help. 

As we mentioned above, CBD oil has the ability to relax our muscles and reduce pain: this is crucial in getting good sleep. When your body is tense and in pain, it becomes increasingly more difficult to actually relax enough to get a deep sleep. CBD’s properties in helping the muscles relax, paired with its analgesic characteristics, aid in healthy, restful sleep.

Stress can also often cause nightmares and restless sleep. CBD’s shown to actually be quite a nightmare suppressant, moving you swiftly through the REM cycle without dream disturbance or waking up every hour. Simply put, with CBD oil, your rests are more relaxing allowing you to sleep deeper

Assisting with Brain Health 

Another remarkable aspect of CBD is its neuroprotective properties. CBD is most famously known for its assistance with neurological disorders like epilepsy. In fact, epilepsy is the only condition that has an FDA-approved medication containing CBD. 

Along with conditions like epilepsy, CBD has shown to reduce tremors and muscle spasticity in those with multiple sclerosis. The evidence here is still a bit new, but it appears to have significant benefits in terms of calming muscle spasms in conditions of varying types. 

Those with Alzheimer’s or dementia also appear to benefit from CBD oil’s neuroprotective properties, helping to slow neurodegeneration and prevent general cognitive decline in those who are most susceptible to it. 

...And So Much More

All of these benefits are only the beginning. The list of CBD’s beneficial properties goes on forever, with complications from head to toe being remedied in some way. 

Some have found digestive relief through CBD, while others may see benefits to their heart health by lowering blood pressure. It also appears to be healing for dry, damaged skin such as this hydrating CBD chapstick for cracked lips, to reduce depressive tendencies, and to even reduce the uncomfortable effects of chemotherapy.

However, it’s important to realize that CBD does work differently for everyone. While some may experience extreme pain relief from their CBD oil, others may find mood enhancement and feelings of balance instead. CBD is a personalized experience, and you truly won’t be able to discover its individualized benefits until you try it for yourself. 

Let TerVita Help You Feel Better

No matter why you turn to CBD, its biggest role is to help you feel better. Here at TerVita, that’s all we care about, too. 

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