CBD for Anxiety and Stress Relief

CBD For Anxiety and Stress Relief 

CBD for stress and anxiety relief


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Stress and anxiety are, unfortunately, incredibly common. Along with being common, these normal emotions can often feel debilitating, making you feel hopeless, helpless, or, just simply, stuck. Medications are great ways of tackling the root of the issue, but they often leave residual, less chronic symptoms untreated. Finding even just a little bit of extra support on top of your typical regimens can do wonders for your stress and anxiety, but where does this extra help come from? CBD, of course. 

Recently, studies are beginning to show just how much potential CBD has on your stress and anxiety levels. By working with your body in only the most natural, safe ways, this non-psychoactive cannabinoid may be the added support you need to get the inner balance you deserve. 

CBD on the Brain and Body

Unlike other cannabinoids that cannabis produces, CBD doesn’t directly bind to your body’s many cannabinoid receptors. Instead, it works to influence signaling within these receptors, as well as others, to help your body produce what it needs more naturally. This lack of direct contact is exactly why CBD doesn’t make you high, and it also explains how therapeutic it has the potential to be. 

While your body is filled with cannabinoid receptors that help influence various biological functions, it is also filled with other receptors, like brain and opioid receptors. Just as it works with cannabinoid receptors, researchers are finding, CBD does the same for the other receptors found throughout your mind and body. Because of this, it appears to be the perfect plant compound to assist in things like anxiety and stress relief, as well as promoting overall health and wellness. 

Anti-Anxiety and Destressing Properties

When you’re overwhelmed with stress and completely high-strung, your body is producing high levels of cortisol--your main stress hormone. The higher the level of cortisol you have in your body at once, and consistently, the more dangerous it can be for both your physical and mental health. Finding ways to regulate (and lower) your body’s cortisol levels is crucial in living a happy and healthy life, but this isn’t always easy to do on your own. As you may have guessed, CBD is willingly able to help. 

By working to prohibit the absorption and production of such hormones , CBD can assist in naturally lowering cortisol levels and even help in your body’s overall reaction to stress. The more consistently you consume CBD, the longer it can work with your endocannabinoid system to routinely regulate your cortisol levels. With this steady flow of calm, stressing over the little things becomes a thing of the past, and you’re able to prioritize what actually warrants your concern, and what’s just your body overreacting. 

More than just reducing your everyday stressors a bit, CBD also has the potential to help you better manage your generalized or social anxiety. In general, high anxiety levels are often associated with high cortisol levels, so when that is under control, controlling anxiety becomes that much easier. However, CBD also works to steady your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and calm any tremors or shakes you may be experiencing. 

Often, the physical symptoms of anxiety are overlooked and ignored, with just the mental symptoms being addressed. Physical anxiety symptoms can be just as debilitating as mental anxiety, so treating them side-by-side is crucial in actually managing anxiety. With CBD being able to almost effortlessly reduce these physical symptoms, as well as enhance mood through serotonin boosts, your typical anxiety doesn’t stand a chance.

While CBD won’t cure your anxiety or prevent anything from ever stressing you out, it has the potential to sure make everything feel a whole lot easier. 

Promoting Overall Balance

With the ability to lower stress levels and provide inner calm, it’s only reasonable that CBD is ideal for promoting full-bodied stability and balance. No, we don’t mean keeping you literally steady (though CBD may be good for that, too); rather, CBD’s properties can work with so many of your biological functions that inner harmony, or homeostasis, is easily achieved. 

Homeostasis refers to the state of equilibrium between all of your physical, internal, and chemical bodily functions. At first thought, achieving something like this, in a world such as this, seems impossible. But, with consistent, healthy doses of CBD for a period of time, the cannabinoid can truly help get these functions working as they should. Internal balance itself can create full-bodied feelings of calm and steadiness, helping to control your natural reactions to everyday stressors and anxiety inducers. 

Overall balance brings overall peace and happiness--you may just not have experienced it yet. With CBD, this calm is only a few drops, bites, or inhales away. 

Finding Relief through TerVita

Here at TerVita, we know how helpful it can be to have an extra boost of support, especially when it comes to managing your stress and anxiety. That’s exactly why we’ve created the Relax tinctures and capsules. Made with natural cortisol-suppressing adaptogens and concentrated doses of full-spectrum CBD, these products are specifically crafted to manifest a sense of calm and ease anxiety each time you enjoy them. 

No matter who you are or what you’re going through, you deserve relief. TerVita believes that CBD is the key to regulating anxiety and easing whatever may be on your mind. Products like Relax have been made exclusively in hopes of providing relief in every which way, because, well, we could all use a bit of support every now and then. TerVita is simply here to make that process easier. Don’t put up with your crippling anxiety anymore: give your mind and a body the break it needs and enjoy a few drops of CBD instead.