Cannabinoids in Sports Medicine

Cannabinoids in Sports Medicine

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In the past few years, cannabinoids have become incredibly popular within the health and wellness industry. As the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids have become more and more commonplace, their versatile uses are popping up left and right. Today, we’re even starting to see the use of cannabinoids in sports medicine. 

Cannabinoids in sports medicine may be a relatively new—and even controversial—topic, but it’s rapidly garnering attention. From the benefits of cannabinoids for athletes to how they can stay safe while using them and everything in between, we’re covering it all down below. 

The Benefits of Cannabinoids for Athletes

Athletes work hard. Day in and day out, an athlete’s entire job is to push themselves to their limits, continually competing with others to see who is the best of the best. Jobs like this are grueling, often dangerous for those involved, as their bodies don’t get the chance to recover that they require. 

Depending on the athlete and what sport they’re participating in, these activities can bring about mass amounts of pain and discomfort. This can happen both during a performance and after. From headaches to muscle pain and even performance-related anxiety, athletes undergo a lot for their careers. Some athletes are repeatedly exposed to head trauma, which can result in not only severe pain but also mental discomfort, as well. 

Because of this constant, repeated work, athletes are often subjected to various treatments on top of multiple pain killers and other manufactured drugs. For any person, dealing with this much stress on the body would be intense; but for someone already in such a high-stress world, this it’s all just too much.

To help, hopefully, provide some relief for these hard-working athletes, scientists are now looking into the benefits of cannabinoids in sports medicine. By integrating cannabinoids into treatment plans and routine healing, scientists believe that these compounds can significantly aid in an athlete’s recovery. 

Cannabinoids like CBD work throughout the body to help it get back on track and feel its best. Thus, the potential of CBD in sports medicine is inspiring for both athletes and those who are treating them. For decades, these athletes have essentially been left to their own devices to find something that helps them feel their best, and, finally, it looks like Mother Nature has shown us an incredible option. 

The Therapeutic Value of CBD in Sports Med

CBD itself is a wonderfully beneficial cannabinoid for all types of people. In general, CBD works within the body to let specific receptors know when molecules aren’t being produced in ways that they should. The cannabinoid helps regulate numerous biological functions, including appetite, mood, stress, inflammation, and even pain response. 

In sports medicine, then, CBD holds valuable potential. Many athletes suffer from extreme muscle discomfort and soreness after performing, and inflamed, overworked muscles typically cause this. Thankfully, when directly applied to these points of pain, CBD’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties get to work immediately: the cannabinoid reduces this targeted inflammation, resulting in concentrated pain relief where you need it most. Of course, this doesn’t melt away pain completely, but it lowers it significantly, making the pain much more manageable through regular treatments. 

When paired with other cannabinoids, the chemical compounds within the cannabis plant demonstrate anti-inflammatory properties twenty times that of your typical Aspirin. Having this sort of all-natural pain relief makes cannabinoids remarkable for muscle recovery in athletes. 

On top of helping with the actual pains that sports bring, cannabinoids can be incredible for helping those with performance-related anxiety. As confident as you are in your practice, there can still be times of uncertainty, doubt, and insecurity. And that’s completely normal! However, being plagued with anxiety about your future or past performances can be enough to ruin your experience. Thankfully, CBD and other cannabinoids might be able to help with this, too. 

CBD’s soothing antipsychotic properties have been successful for many in terms of managing daily anxiety. Cannabinoids like CBD work to regulate stress and anxiety response (such as this CBD bath salt), so your body learns not to overreact and unnecessary discomfort. Again, these cannabinoids will not completely rid you of your anxiety, but they sure can make it feel a whole lot easier to tackle. 

Being Safe With Cannabinoids and Sports

Enjoying CBD and other cannabinoids while participating in sports of any kind creates a tricky situation. One of the most common ways people consume cannabinoids is through inhalation; however, this can pose risks for many athletes and their performances. So, cannabinoid usage must be careful and considerate.

Thankfully, there are so many ways you can enjoy CBD, and other cannabinoids, without smoking at all. Topicals are a wonderfully safe and potent solution for those suffering from deep-seated muscle pains and soreness. With these, you simply rub the topical on and let the cannabinoids do the rest. 

Other athletes also enjoy using oils or tinctures for their doses of CBD, as you place a few drops under the tongue or onto your food and then let the cannabinoids metabolize throughout the body. Edibles are another great option if you’re not a fan of the state of plant-derived compounds. 

Regardless, there are safe and convenient ways for athletes to enjoy cannabinoids, all without worrying about the repercussions of smoking. This, as a whole, is vastly appealing for athletes and those involved in sports medicine. 

Improving Your Abilities Through CBD

As it stands, CBD appears to be an incredibly advantageous chemical compound that even the most extreme athletes can benefit from. It’s important to stress that CBD works differently for every person, and not everyone will have the same results. However, that’s what is great about CBD: it works how it is supposed to for you.

If you’re interested in utilizing CBD and other cannabinoids to assist in muscle recovery, sports medicine, or anything health and wellness-related, TerVita has you covered. Our CBD products are specifically tailored to help with exercise support and even pain management such as CBD roll ons . This way, you’re able to feel your best no matter what you’re doing, whether you’re pushing yourself or enjoying a leisurely day of practice.