Can You Travel With CBD?

Can You Travel With CBD?

can you travel with CBD?


Traveling with CBD is a surprisingly complicated topic. As federal laws often directly conflict with state laws, many are left wondering what’s allowed and what’s not in terms of CBD and travel. In case you’re hoping to start traveling around with your favorite CBD product and aren’t sure how to go about it, we’re here to make it clearer. 

While things may be a bit confusing, we did our best to break down the cans and the cannots of traveling with CBD. Whether you’re trying to travel by plane, by car, or internationally, you can learn everything you’ll need to know about bringing your CBD with you and how to be best prepared. 

What Federal Law Has to Say

First, it’s best to start with what federal law has to say. A few years back, the US government passed the 2018 Farm Bill, a bill that legalized the cultivation of the hemp plant and, thus, the sale and possession of hemp-based products containing less than 0.3% THC. 

Any plant that is cultivated that contains more than that amount of THC is technically considered marijuana and is illegal. Hemp, not marijuana, was legalized through the 2018 Farm Bill. 

That being said, many states have taken it upon themselves to create laws that don’t reflect what the federal level has to say. While some states directly adhere to federal law, few have completely rejected the idea of CBD, making it difficult and unsafe to possess it in the state. 

Because of this, traveling with CBD has become increasingly more difficult. Instead of having to just follow federal law, you must consider both federal and state when bringing your CBD products with you.

Flying With CBD

When it comes to flying with CBD, technically, you’re allowed to fly with CBD products that are hemp-derived and contain less than 0.3% THC. This is often where things get tricky, as CBD products are often made not from hemp, but from marijuana instead. Marijuana-derived CBD products, on the other hand, are not legal to be traveled with unless you have a prescription or proper documentation.

If you’re traveling to a state where CBD laws differ from where you reside, you must be aware of the potential consequences. If you’re flying to one of the few states where CBD is not legal, or only CBD products with zero traces of CBD is legal, you may have your products confiscated when you arrive if they’re in your checked bag. 

However, it’s important to note that TSA themselves have stated that they’re not actively searching for marijuana or cannabis-based products. But, if they come across them, they are subject to search and evaluation of legality. So, if you’re trying to fly with CBD in your checked bag or carry-on, no matter how legal it may be, there’s always a chance you’ll get pulled aside for further questioning. 

In general, flying with CBD can be a complicated, frustrating process. If you can avoid bringing your CBD with you, it may be worth it to keep it at home just for safety’s sake. If you must bring it though, make sure you have all proper documentation, including the Certificate of Analysis or prescription if you have one. 

Driving With CBD

Driving with CBD is a very similar story. As long as your products adhere to federal law, you should be okay to bring your CBD in the car with you. However, if you’re pulled over and subject to search, law enforcement will test your CBD and see if it contains legal levels of THC. This is where having proper paperwork can be extremely helpful.

You cannot drive with marijuana-derived CBD or CBD products, though, as these are not federally legal. If you have a medical marijuana card and are only staying in your legal state, having these products properly stored and packaged in the trunk of your vehicle is ideal. Even if you have a medical marijuana card for your legal products, traveling to a state where medical marijuana isn’t legal is still against the law. 

In the event that you’re pulled over in a state where CBD isn’t legal, or certain levels aren’t legal, they have the right to persecute you as such. So, once again, we’d suggest keeping it at home if possible, just to be safe. 

International Travel 

International travel with CBD, once again, totally depends on where you’re going. Some countries are much laxer on their CBD laws than in the US, and others can be much more strict. You don’t want to risk bringing your CBD to a country that doesn’t allow it, so take the time to do research about cannabis laws in the places you’re visiting. 

Even if you’re traveling somewhere that allows CBD, maybe try leaving yours at home and purchasing some while you’re in the place you’re visiting. This way, you know what you’re purchasing is totally safe where you’re at, and you don’t have to worry about traveling with anything that could get you into trouble. 

In general, international travel with CBD is strongly urged against just for the sake of safety and ease. With how complicated cannabis laws are across the globe, avoiding trouble is simply easiest by keeping your products stored at home, away from complicated, ever-changing laws. 

Staying Safe With Your CBD

If you can, keep your CBD at home during your travels. With how complicated the laws are surrounding the cannabinoid, and how different they can be depending on the state you’re in, it’s simply best to keep your products safe and sound at home, waiting for you when you arrive. 

Most states in the US do allow CBD products, so traveling without yours shouldn’t be an issue. Nowadays, you can find CBD practically anywhere across the country, so purchase some brand-new CBD while you’re traveling, following the state’s laws that you’re in, and keep it packaged properly and with the perfect documentation. With all of that, you’re bound to stay safe and sound, happy with your hemp-derived CBD.