Best Ways to Store Your TerVita CBD Products

Best Ways to Store Your TerraVita CBD Products 

Keeping your CBD products as fresh as possible is key in having the best experience imaginable. But, with a substance as unique and unexplored as CBD, storing in the right places can sometimes be tricky, especially depending on what type of product you bought. With each one having slightly different storing requirements, you have to be certain that you’re keeping your CBD in just the right places. 

Depending on what type of TerVita product you bought, you’ll want to make sure to be familiar with its proper storing instructions, even if you don’t plan on storing it for that long. Better safe than sorry! For each type of our CBD products, we’ve broken down their ideal storing environments to help you guarantee that your CBD stays in only its best, most potent form.

Your CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD tinctures, when taken care of properly, can have a practically indefinite shelf life. However, this immortality is only accomplished under the most strict, careful circumstances. For your CBD tinctures, the most important components to remember are always temperature, moisture, and light. 

Keeping these components in mind, typically, a cool, dark pantry is the best place to store your precious CBD tinctures. The back of a pantry allows for a consistently cool temperature that isn’t exposed to excess light consistently (which is why storing it in the back of the pantry is crucial). Any change in the environment can drastically impact your CBD product, whether it be the taste or the structure, so finding consistent settings is key. 

You may also see some choosing to store their TerVita tinctures in the fridge. This is also a good choice as, again, temperatures stay cool and the products are primarily kept in the dark. The only issue that comes with storing your tinctures in your fridge for a long period of time is that the cold temperatures do have a tendency to thicken up your tincture, making it difficult to consume.

So, while this type of storage is perfectly acceptable for the short-term, we’d recommend you stick to a pantry if you’re planning on holding on to your tincture for a bit. 

Your CBD Topicals

When it comes to your CBD-infused lotions, creams, and balms, you can treat these in ways that you’d treat your regular (more boring) beauty products. Obviously, any excess exposure to heat or light can ruin the consistency of your topical, either making it too soft or melting it down completely. When your topicals are left in places with inconsistent temperatures, its delicate structure is easily manipulated with, and you’re left with a substance that simply doesn’t work the way it was meant to.

Try dedicating a space in the back of your bathroom cabinet just for your topicals. Even under your sink, your CBD-infused creams will stay protected from changing temperatures; just be careful that your bathroom doesn’t hold excess moisture, as this can affect your topicals too. Store them away from your shower, protected from harsh bathroom lighting, and keep them in your cabinet. 

Regardless of where you feel most comfortable storing your creams and lotions, ensure that the environment is consistent. The more you move these products from place to place, the more they will become exposed to change and, thus, change themselves. Cool, dark, and consistent are the names of the game with TerVita’s topicals.  

CBD Capsules, Pet Products, and Everything Else

For the rest of your various CBD products, whether it be a CBD infused bath soak or capsule, you want to ensure that your CBD is staying stored in cool temperatures and away from serious changes in the atmosphere. 

Just like your tinctures or topicals, too much sunlight or artificial light can damage the product and affect the composition of the cannabinoids utilized in the products. As cannabinoids age or as they become exposed to heat and are deoxycarbolated, some of them have the potential to transform into different cannabinoids completely. This can, quite drastically, affect the effects you feel from your CBD product, so keeping your products, no matter what type, away from heat exposure is key. 

If you have a CBD product that you’re really not sure how to store, it is always best to just err on the side of caution and keep it away from any extreme environments. Too cold? Nope. Too hot? Definitely not. Strong artificial light can be detrimental, as well as sunlight, so dark spaces like cabinets, pantries, or even your fridge are perfect. 

Even with your CBD products for your furry friends, keeping them in consistent, gentle settings is the best way to ensure potency and efficacy over time. 

Cool, Dark, and out of Reach

In general, your CBD is going to require a somewhat careful environment for it to be able to properly thrive and give you all that you need. 

When your CBD is exposed to intense climates, too much humidity, or even just strong artificial lighting, its components are going to struggle to perform the way they need to. After all, it is much tougher for you to run a race in the middle of a thunderstorm rather than on a temperate spring day.