Ashwagandha Root and Its Many Benefits

Ashwagandha Root and Its Many Benefits 

ashwagandha root


Here at TerVita, we believe firsthand in the all-natural benefits of ingredients found right from Mother Nature herself. One of these great ingredients is the ashwagandha root, an ancient herb that humans have utilized for centuries. But why does TerVita choose to use this in our CBD products? Because of the remarkable results it brings, of course. 

Today, we’re talking all about the many benefits of the ashwagandha root, as well as where it’s found and how we use it. 

What is the Ashwagandha Root & Where Is It Found?

If you’ve never heard of the ashwagandha root before, that’s okay! The ashwagandha root is considered an herbal adaptogen, which is an herb that works with the body to help provide added support. This ancient herb derives from an evergreen bush called the Withania somnifera and is found exclusively throughout Southeast Asia and India. 

Civilizations across the globe utilized this unique root all throughout history, typically for medicinal purposes. This herb, also known as the winter cherry or Indian Ginseng, was (and still is) known for providing a slight boost in energy and mood, helping to combat daily stressors. 

Today, people are discovering even more benefits of the ashwagandha root and the best ways to consume it. Now, we have a better understanding of this ancient herb than ever before, helping us use this adaptogen to embrace its properties fully. 

The Benefits of Ashwagandha Root

So, now that we’ve hinted about the myriad benefits that the ashwagandha root offers, let’s talk about some of these significant effects in detail. It’s essential to keep in mind that this herb’s effects may act slightly different in each person, and there are even more benefits than the ones we’ve chosen to list here. 

Helps with Stress & Anxiety 

Various studies have shown the link between the ashwagandha root and lowered stress levels. This is because the herb can actually lower cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is your body’s primary stress hormone, and you produce them when you’re exposed to stressful, complex, or uncomfortable situations or changes. 

Some cortisol levels are normal, even healthy, to have in the body, but too much cortisol can create severe illness and discomfort. That’s why it is crucial for us to be able to regulate our stress levels better, ensuring that we’re not overreacting to unnecessary things. If you struggle with this, that’s where ashwagandha root can help. This herb works directly with adrenal glands in the body to regulate this hormone’s production, reducing stress and anxiety levels. These sorts of results can do wonders for those who struggle with consistent anxiety or too much pressure. 

Reduces Inflammation

Along with helping with stress and anxiety, this adaptogen also boasts anti-inflammatory properties that can help the body feel its absolute best. When consumed, the ashwagandha root works with inflammation markers to reduce their properties, lowering inflammation in areas that need it most. 

One of these proteins, called C-reactive protein (CRP), directly correlates to a higher risk of heart disease. Thankfully, studies show that the ashwagandha root helps lower the levels of these proteins, seeing a 36% decrease in CRP in a recent controlled study. Having this sort of support can do wonders for your health and wellness in ways that you may not even realize. 

Supports Healthy Brain Function

When consumed, ashwagandha root appears to support healthy brain function through its antioxidant activity. These properties work to protect nerve cells from free radicals that may be harmful to the brain and brain function. 

Along with this, this ancient root has traditionally been utilized for its properties surrounding memory and reaction time. Ashwagandha root appears to enhance both short and long-term memory, with studies showing increased task performance after 500 mg., as well. Studies surrounding memory and ashwagandha root are still a bit premature, but they sure are incredibly promising. 

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Myriad controlled studies demonstrate the link between ashwagandha root and lowered blood sugar levels. When consumed, this herb influences the amount of insulin your body produces, even improving insulin sensitivity, as well. This adaptogen can be highly beneficial for those who struggle with fluctuating blood sugar levels and irregular insulin production. 

As the studies continued to look into this relationship, trials found that the larger the ashwagandha dose, the more significant the reduction in blood sugar levels. Knowing this, you must be extra careful to ensure you’re not bottoming out your blood sugar, either. 

And So Much More

As we mentioned at the start, these are just a few of the incredible benefits that the ashwagandha root has demonstrated in the human body. Others have found support with their arthritis, anti-cancer properties, and even heightened testosterone levels in men with the ashwagandha root. The effects that this herb can bring are genuinely remarkable, and we’re only just beginning to understand its full potential. 

As we continue to learn more about this herbal adaptogen, more studies will start to show just how beneficial this root really is. 

Why TerVita Uses Ashwagandha Root in Our CBD Products 

If it wasn’t obvious, TerVita strongly believes in the all-natural benefits of the ashwagandha root. When paired alongside the incredible benefits of CBD, the results within the body are absolutely extraordinary. We choose to add ashwagandha root into our Relax CBD tincture and capsules, as it helps bring an added layer of calm. With the herb’s natural cortisol-lowering properties and CBD’s anti-anxiety characteristics, the two create a wonderful recipe for rest and relaxation. 

The next time you find yourself feeling way too overwhelmed and intimidated by life, turn to TerVita and our adaptogen-based products to help you achieve that inner balance. Our herbal additives are as close to nature as it gets, so reconnect with Mother Nature and start shopping today.